Find the wedding accessory you’ve been looking for without upsetting your budget by browsing our list of Clearance items. Featuring everything from ring bearer pillows to bridal footwear, there’s no telling what you’ll find at reduced prices in our Clearance section. Themed and customized cake toppers are available, as well as frosted toasting flutes, cake serving sets and various types of fashionable bridal accessories. Check today and check back often – our inventory is constantly changing.


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Beach Bride and Groom Cake Topper Book Wedding Favors and Place Card Holder ... Bride Wedding Apparel Iron on transfer Child Couple Side Arch Wedding Cake Topper Comical Couple with the Groom "Taking a Pl... Comical Couple with the Groom "Taking a Pl...
SKU: 7101
SKU: 65306
SKU: 7124
SKU: 100945
SKU: 7086
SKU: 6083
$24.95 ($37.95)
Cute Bride and Groom Wedding Figurine Cute Child Wedding Couple Cutesy Hobo Wedding Cake Topper Daisy Wedding Couple with Heart Cake Topper Dove Cake Topper With Porcelain Base Foundations Wedding Cake Knife and Server ...
SKU: 70158
SKU: 707526
SKU: 103745
SKU: 707550
SKU: 104717
SKU: 4007618
$19.95 ($29.95)
Foundations Wedding Guest Book and Pen Groom's Wedding Day Black Flip Flops Guardian Love Angel with Kneeling Wedding ... Hair Twists in Crystal and Pearl (sets of 12) Hobo Wedding Cake Topper Pastel Flower Parasol Umbrella Bridal Show...
SKU: 4007623
SKU: FF200 M
SKU: 707535
SKU: 6118
SKU: 700145
SKU: 1011261
$11.95 ($18.95)
Precious Moments ® "Love One Another" Cake... Pumpkin Coach Cake Topper With Porcelain Base Rainy Day Child Couple Wedding Cake Topper... Rose Colored Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Y-... Rose Heart Cake Topper Seraphim Classics "Harmony" Love's Guardia...
SKU: E1376
SKU: 104713
SKU: 101126
SKU: S3030RS
SKU: 707538
SKU: 81635
$12.00 ($44.00)
Seraphim Classics ® "Harmony" Love's Guard... Seraphim Classics ® "Harmony" Love's Guard... White Monogram Wedding Cake Topper Elegant Porcelain Wedding Bride and Groom Flower Arch Child Couple Cake Topper Rose Wedding Bride and Groom
SKU: 701858
SKU: 81632
SKU: MG900 L/S
SKU: 707522
SKU: 101026
SKU: 707525
Nesting Turtle Dove Cake Topper Nesting Turtle Dove Cake Topper Figurine Porcelain Stylized Heart Wedding Cake Serv... Rose Garden Wedding Cake Topper with Bride...
SKU: 100736
SKU: 1007361
SKU: 557543
SKU: 100032
$14.95 ($19.95)