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WeddingCollectibles carries a wide selection of specially designed wedding and bridal shower favors, from traditional to contemporary. We pay extra special attention to detail using only the finest ribbon, lace, fabric, porcelain, and crystal. You will be sure to find the wedding ceremony and reception accessories to make your “Dream Wedding” vision a reality.


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"A Slice of Love" Stainless-Steel Pizza Cu... "Cheetah Chic" Flip-Flop Pedicure Kit "Fall Impressions" Glass Photo Coasters -... "Fleur de Lis" Pewter-Finish Bottle Opener "Meant to Bee" Ceramic Honey Pot with Wood... "Pink Polka Flip Flop" Five Piece Pedicure...
SKU: 13015NA
SKU: 18044NA
SKU: 27021BG
SKU: 11079NA
SKU: 23015WT
SKU: 18013NA
"Shore Memories" Sea Shell Bottle Opener w... "Swish" Cup and Saucer Sets "Turning Leaves" Bookmark with Burgundy Si... Beaded Wine Stopper-Aqua Beaded Wine Stopper-Black Beaded Wine Stopper-Blue
SKU: 25004NA
SKU: 6042
SKU: 11037NA
SKU: FA920 A
Beaded Wine Stopper-Pink Beaded Wine Stopper-Red Beaded Wine Stopper-Silver Cherry Blossom Hand Fans Contemporary Hearts Hand Fans (Set of Six)... Fancy Edged Tulle Circles
SKU: FA920 R
SKU: FA920 S
SKU: 8573
SKU: 8574
SKU: 1894
Hand Painted Butterflies Heart to Heart Interlocking Salt & Pepper ... Natural Bamboo Eco-Friendly Coaster Favors... Shell and Starfish Frosted Glass Coasters Shine, Sparkle & Pop! Diamond Bottle Opener Silk Cherry Blossom Petal Toss
SKU: 8421
SKU: 8542
SKU: 22014NA
SKU: 27013NA
SKU: 11137NA
SKU: 8710
Silver Plated Diamond Napkin Holders (set ... Stylized Open Hearts Confetti “Lovebirds in the Window” Ceramic Salt & P... “Olive You” Olive Tray and Spreader 'Mint to Be' Bride and Groom Slide Mint Ti... Diamond Napkin Rings (Set of 4)
SKU: 8437
SKU: 1989-77
SKU: 23033WT
SKU: 23025WT
SKU: 19014WT/BK
SKU: FA740
Good Wishes Heart Glass Coasters "Chic Cheetah" Animal-Print Purse Four-Pie... "Little Black Purse" Patent-Leather Five-P... "Olive You!" Glass LOVE Oil Bottle in Sign... 'Pink Polka Purse' Manicure Set Chrome Heart Bottle Stopper in Gift Box
SKU: 27025NA
SKU: 18047NA
SKU: 18009BK
SKU: 27026NA
SKU: 18007PK
SKU: 11001NA
Forever Photo Frosted Glass Coasters Good Wishes Pearlized Photo Coasters LOVE Glass Coaster Gift Set with Ribbon an... Two Peas in a Pod - Ceramic Salt & Pepper ... Elegance Wine Bag "Key To My Heart" Victorian Style Bottle O...
SKU: 27011NA
SKU: 27015NA
SKU: 27005NA
SKU: 23008GN
SKU: HD705 W
SKU: 11003NA
'Whisked Away' Heart Whisk Gingerbread Boy and Girl Cookie Cutter Fav... Rose Potpourri Pillow Sachet Wedding Favor... TeaTime Heart Tea Infuser Favor in Teatime... "Love Beyond Measure" Heart Measuring Spo... "Set Sail" Frosted Glass Sailboat Tealight...
SKU: 13009NA
SKU: 65038
SKU: 13003NA
SKU: 13001NA
SKU: 20060NA
Airplane Luggage Tag in Gift Box with Suit... Custom Engraved Wood RECIPE DIVIDERS (Set ... Custom Engraved Wood Spoon Mini Rose Potpourri Sachet Wedding Favor -... Snowflake Bottle Stopper in Shimmering Gif... The "Love Dove" Silver Chrome Bottle Opene...
SKU: 13006NA
SKU: 903002/90...
SKU: 901001
SKU: 65066
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