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As traditional bride and groom wedding cake topper designs are gaining popularity, we strive to offer you the best collectibles and the most variety to suit your wedding style, theme, and personality. Our traditional wedding cake toppers feature a large selection unique and elegant bride and groom wedding figurines.  Our wedding designs include African American, interracial, military, and Christian bride and groom wedding cake toppers.


Winter Wonderland Wedding Couple Figurine Woodland Bride And Groom Porcelain Figurin... “Swept Up in His Arms” Wedding Couple Figu... A Kiss and We're Off!" Figurine (medium sk... Interchangeable Ethnic Bride & Grooms Mr. & Mrs. Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake...
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Rustic Couple Porcelain Figurine Wedding C... Showered with Love Couple Figurine "A Kiss Above" Bicycle Bride and Groom Cou... "A Romantic Dip" Dancing Bride and Groom C... "A Sweet Western Embrace" Cake Topper "Picture Perfect" Couple Figurine
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"Picture Perfect" Couple Figurine- Dark Sk... "Picture Perfect" Couple Figurine- Medium ... A "Cinderella Moment" Figurine Fashionable Bride and Groom Mix & Match Ca... Small Contemporary Bride and Groom Traditi... Ty Wilson African American Bride and Groom...
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“Indie Style” Wedding Couple Figurine Daisy Wedding Couple with Heart Cake Topper Elegant Interracial Wedding Cake Topper Fi... Rose and Pearls Silhouette of Love with Bl... Silhouette of Love Cake Topper Figurine (B...
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