7 Wedding Décor Trends of 2017

1. Unique Invitations

Figure 1. Send out a fun and unique invitation like this puzzle invite featured on weddingfully.com. Make sending out your invites easier by snagging yourself an envelope moistener!

Wedding invitations are a guest’s first introduction to a wedding’s personality and many couples are really taking advantage of this opportunity with unique wedding invitations.



2. Blue Suited Gentlemen

While a traditional black suit is great, in 2017 grooms are opting for something with a little more color. Try a classy blue suit for both you and your groomsmen for a modern look.



4 This Drip cake insperation from New Zealand and more can be found at Nouba.com

3. Drip Cakes

Naked cakes were all the rage in 2016, and while the minimalist and romantic look is not going out of style, drip cakes are the big trend for 2017. These cakes capture a similar look to naked cakes, but include frosting in dripping goodness.


4. Color Comebacks

While most couples are still opting for a more neutral look, color is definitely making a comeback whether it be in small pops of color or with a bold color choice at the center of softer neutrals.

5. Fun Food Presentations

Figure 3. Find ideas like this one on Pinterest or browse Wedding Collectibles and find items like personalized serving wear to make this trend happen in your wedding!

Whether they admit it or not, most people come to special events with the food in mind. On trend for 2017 is fun food presentations like having bite sized appetizers ready on the tip of a personalized fork, making the delicious dining even more diverting.

6. Games

Even in the most traditional of weddings, games are popping up as a top wedding trend for 2017. It could be small games for guests to occupy their time with during the reception at their table or it could be something a little more extravagant like a cute mini golf course or giant sized classics like Connect Four or Jenga as a focal point of the party!

7. Food on Wheels

Going along with the tone of making food fun at weddings, using food trucks or otherwise mobile food services in lieu of a more formal caterer has become one of the top trends as of late.

For the latest wedding décor to match your wedding style, shop online at Wedding Collectibles. Contact our knowledgeable customer services representatives at 1-866-210-2226 if you need assistance finding the right items for your wedding.

Choosing The Right Wedding Favor For Your Guests

Choosing The Right Wedding Favor For Your Guests

Wedding Collectibles

Among deciding on all the little details of a wedding day, many brides often ask if buying wedding favors are worth it.  Favors were created to send a little of your wedding day home with your friends and families as a keepsake.  When choosing the right wedding favor, it should be something that reflects the personality of you two as a couple.  Many choose something that is useful to your guests to ensure they want to keep it for years to come.  We’ve put together our favorite wedding favors to give you some ideas!

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How To Choose The Right Garter

How To Choose The Right Garter

The garter removal and toss is a tradition that many brides still partake in.  But even if you choose to skip it at your reception, it’s still a sexy little detail that your husband will enjoy keeping after the big day.  When choosing a garter, there’s a few things to keep in mind – the color, the style, and your future husband’s favorite things will all help when narrowing down your options.  Here we detail out how to choose the right garter for your wedding day.

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5 Ways to Have a Cinderella Themed Wedding

5 Ways to Have a Cinderella Themed Wedding

When you dream of feeling like Cinderella on your wedding day, it’s going to be all of the little details that truly make that dream come to life. For everything from the cake toppers to the guest book, we’ve got a variety of items that will help make your Cinderella themed wedding come to life. Each item is available to customize, making your Cinderella day even more unique to you and your Prince Charming.

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Guide: How to Choose a Castle Wedding Cake Topper

How to Choose a Castle Wedding Cake Topper

Castle Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s no secret that every woman dreams of her wedding day from the time she is a little girl.  Most of us picture it being a fairytale day where we get to feel like a princess and marry our Prince Charming. Outside of having the wedding in Disney World, there are a few other ways you can bring the fairytale to your wedding day, without breaking the bank.  Here is a guide to choosing your best Castle Wedding Cake Topper!

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Guide: Choosing A Quinceanera Cake Topper

Choosing a Quinceañera Cake Topper

Quinceañera Cake Topper

Planning your Quinceañera all starts with a theme – princess, flowers, diamonds, butterflies, etc. Once you have that, you can move forward with colors, invitations, décor, and most importantly, your cake! We’ve got a list to help you find your perfect Quinceañera cake topper to round out every theme you can imagine to celebrate turning 15. Here are just a few of our favorites:

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Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

How to Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

If you consider yourself a “mama of fur babies”, then you’ve probably thought about incorporating your pets into your wedding day… more than once.  It’s okay!  We don’t judge.  In fact, we encourage it!  Pets add such a unique element to your wedding day, even if it’s just a pose for a quick photo.  It’s a memory you’ll get to cherish forever.  Below, we’ve included a few ways to make your pet a special part of your day.

Puppy Bow Tie

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding DayInclude Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

Your can include your pet on your wedding day in many ways – start by dressing them up for the occasion!  This blue plaid doggy bowtie collar will make your pet feel like part of your day.  Sizing options are available in small to extra large for every size pet and includes side release buckles for easy on and off.  Outside of the wedding day, it can be reused for family photos, birthdays, and other special occasions that you can’t imagine without your puppy love.

Dog Ring Pillow

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

The easiest way to include your pet on your wedding day is by having them be your ring bearer!  This satin pillow features ribbons that allow you to tie the pillow around your dogs back.  It can also attach to the leash if you’d like someone to accompany them down the aisle.  Also, it is adorned with fake wedding rings so you don’t have to fret about the dog losing the real ones – we’ve got you covered.

Dog Satin Bow

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

If your puppy is planning to be a ring bearer, this Best Pet Doggy Bow is another great way to include your pet on your wedding day.  Available in black or white, the bow tie attaches to the dogs normal collar for an easy addition.  It’s definitely a conversation piece, so be prepared for your guests to comment on that handsome puppy as he trots down the aisle.

Cat Tie Collar

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

When you include your pet on your wedding day, it isn’t just limited to dogs – we’ve got outfits for your cat as well!  This adorable cat wedding tie is available in multiple sizes and comes with an elastic band for ease.  While they may not be able to walk down the aisle or hang out at the reception like a dog might, they can still be included in photos and the tie will still be a fun accessory for upcoming special occasions post wedding.

Flower Dog Collar

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

Maybe the doggy bowtie above was too masculine for your fur baby princess?  We’ve included this adorable flower dog collar just for her!  The collar is pink crocheted and adorned with a white flower and rhinestones for the pretty lady.  Like the other products, it is adjustable for various neck sizes and can be used many more times after the wedding.

There are so many other ways you can include your pet on your wedding day – for more outfit ideas, visit our pet pages here for dogs and cats.  The best ideas are the ones that best fit you and your day, and we are happy to help any way we can!  Feel free to call us for more information or for help finding your perfect product.

Choosing a Custom Cake Topper to Reflect Your Style

While you’re on the hunt for ways to make your wedding unique, there is one major way to add flare to your big day in a simple yet noticeable way. The wedding cake is the focal point for all of your wedding guests, so selecting a beautiful wedding cake topper to go with it is equally important. Choosing a custom cake topper to reflect your personal style can be tough, so we’ve given you a few ideas to help you in your search, unique to your wedding style and personality.

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6 Rustic Wedding Ideas for Country Weddings

Rustic Wedding Ideas for your Country Wedding

Rustic weddings are more popular than ever, but not every city or location is equipped with a Rustic Wedding venue. Besides a venue, here are 6 rustic wedding ideas you can use to incorporate a little country into your big day.

Bluegrass Whiskey Barrels
Rustic Wedding Ideas

These whiskey barrels are a unique way to add some country flair. Use them as drink dispensers at your wedding rehearsal dinner or reception, as a decor piece on your guest book table or bar, or they can double as gifts for your groomsmen or your father of the bride/groom! Available in 1oz, 2oz, or 3oz sizes and can be customized with initials or two lines of text. A fun idea your wedding guests will love!
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Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

One of the newest trends being seen at weddings lately is the use of chalkboard paint or signs in various ways. The signs are very customizable – some are ordered, some are designed, and some are even DIY! Here, we are going to show you ways to incorporate the chalkboard wedding ideas into your big day.

Eat, Drink, and Be Married Sign

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

This adorable sign measures 15.5″ x 9.5″ and can be used in a variety of ways on your wedding day. Place it at the reception entrance as your guests arrive, on the back of your chairs during dinner, or hanging near your cake table. The white ribbon accompanies it, making it easy to hang in a variety of locations.

Chalkboard Glass Clings

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

This is one of our favorite chalkboard wedding ideas. If you’re having a custom cocktail, consider serving it in a mason jar with these customizable glass clings. Another fun way to double up would be to use the glass clings on every guests glass and place them at their seat, using them as a place setting AND a wedding favor! Sold in a set of twenty, measuring 3.5″ x 1.5″.

Custom Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

These custom chalkboard signs are available in three sizes to fit any need you have on your wedding day. Use them as place settings on your guests table, on your dessert table or candy buffet to label the items, or on your guest book table with instructions. These will also work to mark your reception tables as reserved for your family and wedding party. The small wooden easels are sold separately, and use our liquid chalk marker to write with ease!

Chalkboard Signing Frame

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

This is a fun alternative to a guest book. This chalkboard signing frame has a space in the middle to insert an engagement photo. Place it on your guest table to encourage your friends and family to leave their name or well wishes around the edge for a keepsake that can hang in your new home for years to come.

Decorative Chalkboard with Stand

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

Looking for a fun way to number your reception tables? These mini chalkboards with a stand are perfect for adding a table number to help your guests find their seats. They can also be used to label your dessert table, candy bar, or to leave instructions or a happy message at the bar or guest book table!

Large Rustic Wood Chalkboard Sign

Last but most definitely one of our favorites is this rustic wooden chalkboard sign. It is the perfect compliment to your country or rustic theme wedding. Use it on the guest book table, on the food buffet, on the dessert table, or to share your wedding hashtag with your wedding guests. The sleek wooden texture is gorgeous and eye catching!

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

Liquid Chalk Marker

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas

We couldn’t forget our liquid chalk marker! If you need an easy way to write your message on any of these signs, this marker acts as a pen with a chalk finish.

There you have it! We hope we left you with at least one way to incorporate these adorable chalkboard wedding ideas into your big day. Feel free to call us directly or send us an email with any questions you may have on any of the above items. Happy planning!