Top 10 Western and Country Cake Toppers

One of the most popular wedding styles whether you are a southern bell or a Cali girl is a country or western themed wedding. It just opens doors to a rustic style with a million cute little details and a romantic ambiance. As one of these little western details, take a look at our top 10 western and country cake toppers!

  1. Western Affection Cake Top  Western cake topper This country themed wedding cake topper is perfect for any western wedding. It pulls out all the stops with every detail and piece -the bundle of hay, cowboy hat, wood posts, country lingo, and gold heart detail – making it the absolute choice for number one western cake topper.

  2. “Be my Baahby Forever” Wedding Cake Topper Country Animal Wedding Cake Topper This cake topper hardly needs any words to say why it is perfect for a country themed wedding. It’s unique, adorable, and detailed. What more is there to say?

  3. “Lasso of Love” Western Wedding Cake Topper Country Wedding Cake TopperThe more traditional of our Top 10 western and country cake toppers is this a perfectly designed porcelain bride and groom.
  4. Heavenly Love Nest Cake Topper Rustic Cake TopperThis rustic dove cake topper is sweepingly beautiful and would be insanely perfect for a winter country themed wedding.
  5. Hitched Cake Topper Country Wedding Cake TopperThis country cake topper is a fun and new cake topper that works especially well with unique takes on the traditional wedding cake.
  6. “A Love Nest” – Love Birds in Archway Cake Topper Rustic Wedding Cake TopperA twigs and twine bird cake topper not only screams rustic and western, but it can also work with any wedding season!
  7. ” A Sweet Western Embrace” Cake TopperWestern Cake Topper This more traditional cake topper captures that first dance moment with country flare.
  8. Personalized Wood Veneer Sign Rustic Wedding Cake Topper This personalized and unique wood veneer sign is a great choice for brides that both love the idea of a monogram cake topper and want something to fit their rustic country wedding theme.

  9. Deer Wedding Cake Topper Wedding Cake Topper Country Animal This adorable deer salt-and-pepper-shaker-made-to-be cake topper could not not make our top ten list. Reminiscent of childhood stories like Snow white, Sleeping beauty, and Bambi, this playful country cake topper is sure to be a hit!
  10. Western Wedding Bride and Groom Western Vintage Wedding Cake TopperThis sweet western cake topper will remind your guests of what it really means to be in love and is aesthetically perfect for a country and vintage wedding!


A Tiffany Blue Country Real Wedding -McKenna & Vince

High School Sweethearts

Country Wedding

McKenna and Vince met and began dating in high school in 2011. They very quickly knew they wanted to go through life together (Vince kind of unintentionally blurted out “I Love You” a little sooner than expected) and were engaged at the end of the following year in 2012.

Wedding Ring Photo

Just by looking at their pictures, and hearing McKenna talk about Vince, it so easy to see that they are crazy about each other. McKenna is a Cali girl that loves the country style and recently finished school at Paul Mitchell. Vince is a man’s man with a soft spot for just about anything his wife wants and is working on getting his EMT. As a couple, they simply love spending time together. One of their favorite spots is Disneyland and they even have matching Minnie and Mickey kiss tattoos.

Bride Getting Ready

Planning the Wedding

McKenna very openly said “Planning the wedding was easy!“, which to some brides may be baffling. How did she make it so easy? She let loose of the reigns and let everyone else dig through the planning and just gave the final say.  Basically, she just wanted the day to come and wasn’t too worried about each little detail. Her biggest piece of advice for brides is “Don’t be overly picky. If you are overly picky, you won’t get what you want because the whole day will just be about fighting over little things.

Carriage Ride Wedding

The first choice they made was the venue – The Longshadow Ranch and Winery. McKenna knew that she wanted a country style wedding and this venue pulled out all the stops with its available wedding planner and various recommendations for vendors such a the florist they used.

Sunflower Bouquet

Next thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to have Tiffany Blue as her main color with Sunflowers (her favorite). All of which helped establish her country style wedding.

Bridal Party Tiffany Blue Wedding

They decided to have a traditional wedding – partly because they wanted to pull out all the stops and partly because they knew it would make planning easier. This means walking down the aisle, lighting a unity candle, the first dance, a money dance, cutting the cake, garter toss, and the bouquet toss. The thing is, even though it was traditional, they definitely ended up with a wedding that was uniquely them.

The Wedding Day

Bride getting ready  Wedding Prep image (27)McKenna got ready with all of her bridesmaids and her maid of honor helped her get into her dress and cow girl boots.

Wedding Carriage Ride

She rode up to the ceremony in a rustic carriage (the very one that was in the show Little House on the Prairie!) with her Papa who walked her up and handed her off to her dad and step dad.

Wedding Aisle Step ParentWith both her dad (left) and step-dad (right) being big parts of her life, she wanted both of them to walk her down the aisle.

image (23) As part of their ceremony they lit a unity candle.

image (30) And as always, ended it with a sweet kiss.

The Reception

Brother Sister Bride Dance McKenna had a little brother and sister dance and a father daughter dance. Then Vince had his mother son dance.

Wedding First Dance Following that, Vince and McKenna had their first dance together as husband and wife.

Then the party broke out the delicious dinner; catered BBQ. Moving towards making things more festive, the dinner included speeches by family memebers, the best man, and the maid of honor. Next was all about FUN -money dance, garter toss, and the bouquet toss! Ending the night of traditions with cutting the cake.

money danceimage (14)image (13)Wedding Cake Cutting

A Closer Look

image (15)The photographer, Leah Marie, captured each moment and each Etsy made detail exactly how they wanted.
image (16) image (17)
Of all of the little details that McKenna found on Etsy, she was most excited about this rustic, country themed cake topper.image (18) image (19) image (20) image (21) image (22)

We love getting a chance to share beautiful weddings just like McKenna’s and Vince’s and we are just so honored to get to peak into their happy new life together. We happily congratulate them on both their wedding and the happy news they shared that they are now expecting a baby girl to be named Emelynn!

Bride and Groom

Share with us your wedding story so that you too can reach  and inspire the many many brides to come!

How Heavy Should a Cake Topper Be?

 How Heavy Should a Cake Topper Be?Dove Wedding Cake Topper

As you are getting ready for the big day, you may be imagining all of the things that could possibly go wrong, and one of those things may be that your cake topper is too heavy. You may be envisioning it sinking into the top of the cake or falling off the cake all together. Let’s put those worries to rest.

First of all, if your chosen cake topper was made to be a cake topper you will be fine and if you are shopping Wedding Collectibles, you will find in the product description the indication of whether or not it is intended as a cake topper. If you need or want a weight, a cake topper really shouldn’t be more than one pound (16 oz). However, your baker won’t just be plopping the topper right there on the cake. If they are a professional, they will know how to put in reinforcements in the cake to support the wedding cake topper. So if you are concerned with the topper sinking in, speak with your baker about it.

Another thing you can do is what is called the bakers pillow test. What this test indicates is that if you can place the topper on the pillow and it doesn’t wobble around, then you cake topper is fine. To see a demonstration of this test, check out the videos we have on our Wedding Collectibles Youtube channel by clicking the link here.


Top 10 Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

A lot of the time, love can feel like a fantasy. It can seem like magic because even if your love gradually grew or if it was love at first sight one morning your wake up and you just know you are in love. As you come together to celebrate the magic of your new marriage, you may decide to implement fantasy themes in order to create that sense of wonder, and excitement. These cake toppers are perfect for that. Fantasy can sometimes seem to cover a wide birth of stories and characters, but for this top 10 fantasy cake topper list, we are focusing on the worlds of the mystical and magic.

1) Paper Rose Blossom Fantasy Fairy Wedding Cake Topper Fantasy Wedding Cake Topper This cake topper is great for a fantasy wedding. The fairy bride and gentlemen groom provide you with an essentially tradition cake topper in a nontraditional style. One of the things we love in particularly with this cake topper is the base. The flowing petals just add a lightness that is reminiscent of floating on clouds. It would also work wonderfully with other floral arrangements and cake accessories.

2) Fairy Heart Pewter Cake Topper 

Fairy Wedding Cake TopperThis fairy heart cake topper has a look of being one of a kind. The large blue gemstones could have the potential of clashing with a color scheme. However, it really does work wonderfully as an accent piece. The details are wonderful and it’s vintage look will really add a special touch to your fantasy wedding.

3) Rose Heart Pewter Cake Topper

Fantasy Heart Cake Topper This rose vine heart is magnificent. It is fantasy without being overt and the gold roses really make this piece stand out.
4) Fantasy A Frog Once Loved a Turtle Fairy Wedding Cake Topper Limited Edition 

Fairy Fantasy Cake Topper


Beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the folds in the dress and the suite of armor are just impeccable. We love the sweetness of the kiss on the cheek; this cake topper really does embody fantasy and romance all in one.

5) Fantasy Lovers Wedding Cake Topper

Prince Charming Cake Topper

What makes this cake topper so special is the unbelievable details. Look at that dress! The gold detailing on the coat is lovely and the grass actually looks like grass!! Additionally, the long white hair on the gentlemen is evocative of an elve character (think Lord of the Rings), making it possible for you to create your own fantasy story surrounding it.

6) Dragon Heart Pewter Cake Topper 

Dragon Wedding Cake Topper This dragon heart cake topper is very unique. The arched wings are beautiful and there is just something sweet in bringing together two ferocious, strong, and just absolutely exquisite creators in a romantic symbol.

 7) Celtic Pewter Cake Topper 

Celtic Cake TopperCeltic Design is known all over the world and is a timeless design. This interwoven knot work symbolizes eternity. Who wouldn’t want this symbolism as apart of their wedding? What’s more is that this cake topper takes a bold design and puts it in the dainty form of this heart.

8) Magical Wizard and Witch Cake Topper Figurine Fantasy Cake Topper

This adorable may be just what you need to bring a lightness and laughter to your wedding day. Sometimes wedding decor can get bogged down with the seriousness of the magnitude of a wedding. Don’t let that be you! This salt and pepper shaker made cake topper is perfect for adding a fun funky touch.

9) Vine Heart Pewter Cake Topper Fantasy Heart Cake Topper You might be thinking that we have too many heart cake toppers on this fantasy list, and maybe we do, but each one is here for a reason. With the leaves and grapes, this cake topper may be at home at a fall wedding.

10) Unicorn Wedding Cake Topper Unicorn Cake Topper
This Unicorn cake topper is another light hearted and fun fantasy option. The pink and grey accents separate each unicorn as bride and groom. Even though this cake topper may seem a little goofy, it wouldn’t be hard to make it elegant.


How to Light Up an Outdoor Wedding in Style

How to Light Up an Outdoor Wedding in Style

Assuming weather permits, a lot of brides choose to have outdoor ceremonies and or receptions in the spring and summer. With this, come a lot of necessities such as just-in-case-it-rains wedding tents and the need for outdoor lighting. Sometimes the items filling these needs can look like…well like a need. One of the more important needs for an outdoor wedding that can be made to look more like a luxury are the lighting choices. Here are a few ideas on how to glamorously fill your lighting needs.

  1. The Chandelier: Hanging chandeliers would defiantly be a luxury and amp up the elegance your wedding. Talk about magical! Of course, this can be costly and a little hard to do, but if you are having a wedding tent and there is the option to have chandlers inside, do it! The sparkling crystal will add a romantic ambiance.
    Blush and Gold Utah Wedding

    Ruffled Blog: Blush and Gold Utah Wedding

  2. Garland Lights: These can be the small twinkly lights or the large bulbs depending on your wedding theme and style. The twinkle lights look best in shrubbery and trees, while the large bulbs are better designed to hang across the dance floor as the “ceiling”. Both will light up the reception like the stars and moon light up the sky.
    Organic Dallas Wedding

    Ruffled Blog: Organic Dallas Wedding

  3. Tea Lights: Tea lights have been use as table lighting and accent lighting at parties, events, and weddings for quite a long time now, which means you are going to find a lot of different kinds and probably even a style that fits perfectly with whatever theme or look you are going for. Tea lights are also going to be a little on the less expensive side, but of course, cannot be the main source of lighting for an nighttime event. Also, be aware that with candles, the wind may blow them out and you may have to keep lighting them. Lucky for you, there are now realist battery operated tea lights and candles for you to choose from so that you can have one less worry on your list. Tea Light Reception Decoration
  4. Lanterns: Lanterns tend to be a reception table centerpiece favorite. And why wouldn’t they be? There are so many different styles that no two weddings will end up with the same look. Just like with the tea lights, you will need to be wary of the candles flickering out, so you may want to look at some no-flame-needed candles or lanterns for lighting. Also, lanterns are not going to be limited to the tables and can be used to line walk ways and the venue perimeter.Lantern Reception Decoration

Which Name Goes First in a Wedding Monogram?

Which Name Goes First in a Wedding Monogram?

Monogram Cake Topper

Since we have a lot of monogrammed products from cake toppers to invitations to bath towels, we have gotten this question a lot. If you are not the one deciding, this may seem like a small decision, but it can be stressful when concepts of etiquette come into play.

The simple and completely vague answer is that it depends. The American tradition is that the bride’s name goes first, but then the European tradition is that the groom’s name will go first. This is the same as for wedding invitations. However, in the grand scheme of things, your wedding won’t come crumbling down if you are in America and you want to have the groom’s initial first. So really, it is entirely up to you.

What do the letters stand for in a three letter monogram?

Three Letter Monogram

If you are wanting to do a three letter monogram like the picture above and are following the American tradition, then the first letter would be the initial of the bride’s first name, the middle and larger letter would be the first letter of the taken last name, and then the last letter would be the initial of the groom’s first name. So, if your name is Suzy Miller and your groom’s name is Mike Bower, then your three letter monogram would be SBM. If you are choosing to have a hyphenated last name (Suzy Miller-Bower), your monogram would still be SBM.

Top 10 Monogram Cake Toppers

Top 10 Monogram Cake Toppers

Monogram cake toppers may seem really straight forward, and in a lot of ways they are, but there are actually a lot of different forms these ABC cake toppers can take. They can be the initials of the bride and groom, the initial of the last name of the new family, or they can be the full names of the couples and even be a sweet message. The traditional sense of the word monogram doesn’t seem to really cut it anymore. Along side the variety of monogram usages, they come in a lot of different forms, shapes, and sizes. This is why we wanted to give you our Top 10; to help sort through the A through Z and find the best of the best!

  1. Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Solid Heart Cake Topper Monogram Cake Topper This full script cake topper is definitely a customer favorite and one of ours as well, making it our number one. It looks like a metal cut out, but is actually made of acrylic. This means it is both light and durable. Also, there are a lot of different fonts and sizes to choose from when you pick this type of cake topper. Then, it’s focus on the last name of the couple helps symbolize the union that has taken place of two families becoming one. Finally, the solid heart is a cute touch that is bold and evokes googly-eyed ideas of love and romance.
  2. Western Themed Monogram Cake Topper Western Monogram Cake Topper We have a lot of variations of this porcelain monogram cake topper because its crisp font and unembellished aesthetic makes for the perfect canvas to which themed ornaments can be added. We love this western themed monogram in particular because the miniature gold horseshoe and hay are spot-on to the theme without overdoing it. Plus, anything in miniature form pretty much automatically becomes the most precious thing you have ever seen.
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Cake Topper Mr and Mrs Cake Topper This Mr. and Mrs. cake topper is both simple and versatile. Not only does it work with a variety of wedding themes, but it easily transfers to non-traditional wedding cake trends; cupcakes!
  4. Full Swarovski Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Topper Swavorski Crystal Monogram This Swavorski crystal cake topper stands as one of the more elegant pieces in this weeks top ten. Its glittering glamour will immediately give your wedding a boost in its elegance.
  5. White Monogram Wedding Cake Topper Monogram Cake Topper Most monogram cake toppers are going to be able to mix well with a plethora of styles and cake accessories, but this cake topper in particular looks amazing when paired with flowers and other cake decor. The swooping font paired with floral accents would make for a perfect spring wedding cake design.
  6. Script Metal Monogram Cake Topper Metal Monogram Cake Topper This script metal cake topper would be perfect for a more modernly designed wedding style. The sleek font and curly-cue ends are what makes this cake topper really stand out.
  7. Wedding Cake Topper – First Names First Names Cake Topper This cake topper is similarly styled to our number one on this list, but takes a back seat in the top ten because the tall spokes can bring about a harsher look with all those right angles. However, it also creates a look reminiscent of a sign, which paired with the names of the couples brings to mind the idea of posting your love across billboards.
  8. Monogram Acrylic Circle Cake Topper Acrylic Circle Cake TopperSimilar in trend to the monogram cake topper used in the Josh and Jason wedding we featured, the clean cut look of etched glass, will always be an easy choice for a cake topper because it pretty much works with anything you make want to do. This circular cake topper is especially nice because it brings in a softness that can sometimes be lost with monograms.
  9. Custom Partial Decorated Crystal and Metal Wedding Monogram Wedding MonogramIf you want a cake topper that can hold it’s own in a glitz contest, this is the one. Plus, you get to choose what colors are used for the crystal detailing!
  10. LOVE Cake Topper Custom Design Love Cake Topper To end our top ten, we have a little bit of love (you know, since love is in everything we do here)! The font is so sweet and kind of like what you would find written all over a teen girls notebook pages with name filled hearts. The only down side is that it doesn’t exactly focus on the couple, but the whole purpose of its existence is to be used by a bride and groom. So, that should be good enough, right?

“The Perfect Event” Real Wedding – Josh and Jason

The Happy Couple


Josh  (on the left) and Jason (on the right) actually “met” for the first time online. They had mutual friends and were able to bond quickly because they had grown up in the same church and had similar Disney backgrounds -Josh had worked at Disneyland, Jason worked Disney World, and they both ended up working on Disney cruises (They really like Disney). For the first four months of knowing each other they just talked online and over the phone. Josh stated that “It was really nice getting to know someone for who they were, rather than all the ‘materialistic’ things that you normally look at when dating.”  After about a year of dating they moved in together, and then after three years full of growing closer together, Josh decided that it was time to “pop the question”.

Wedding RIngs

Nervous and excited, Josh asked Jason to marry him in the Rose Pub at Disney World right before the fireworks went up. What could be more appropriate? The memory includes an enthusiastic yes, dear friends that were just as excited as the couple, and chairs that were a little too close together, making it so that Josh could only “kind of kneel”.

Planning the Wedding

Before they even started choosing colors and cake toppers, they knew at least two things going into planning their wedding.

  1. They wanted it to be as traditional as possible.

  2. They wanted it to be straight up classy.

We figured we were having a gay wedding, which is still a semi new concept, so we tried to keep it as ‘traditional’ as possible so people were not too freaked out. [Plus,] It was important to Jason to have a classy wedding; he wanted people to dress up and really make it an event to remember

And they most definitely achieved their goals!

Same Sex Wedding

They found a great outdoor venue called Monteleone Meadows in Murrieta California.Their venue provided them with a wedding planner, Hennie, whom Josh says was very hands on in making their dream wedding come true. Josh’s raving for this venue and wedding planner could not of been greater. They loved how attentive Hennie and the venue staff were, and most importantly, that there were no hidden fees. Everything was laid out clearly and they took care of pretty much everything. Josh and Jason used the onsite florist that Hennie recommended, and then the venue also took care of the cake, set up, food, and officiant.

Same Sex Wedding

Outdoor Venue

Josh and Jason’s planning tip for couples planning their wedding: “Enjoy the planning process; don’t put everything off because that is when you stress. Also, pay for things as you go and don’t wait till two weeks before -you will stress yourself out!

Everything was Perfect

They woke up to go get ready (their bridesmaids seemed to need a lot more time) and headed over to meet with their stylist. Then there was this small hiccup when the power was out at the venue, but all was well when they then took the stylists to Josh’s mom’s house to get ready. No biggie.

After that, everything seriously went perfectly. They returned to the venue and it was like magic as everything fell into place.

The Ceremony

Same Sex Wedding Traditions

Walking Down the Aisle

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

Keeping Wedding Traditions: Since they were trying to keep it traditional, but also felt it would be inappropriate for one of them to walk down an aisle, they decided to have each of their mom’s walk them up to the alter.The aisle wrapped around the venue’s pond; Josh went up on one side and Jason on the other. Then, they each had a groom’s maid of honor, a best man, and three groom’s maids. Additionally, there were two flower girls and a ring bearer. Josh’s excitement could hardly be contained as he repeatedly expressed, “It was perfect”.

Unity Vase

As part of the ceremony, they used a unity sand vase; each taking turns pouring in the sand, becoming one together.

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

And as traditional as they made things, they couldn’t help but also make things a little zany!

The Reception

Same Sex Wedding

At the reception they had food, dancing, and they each threw a groom’s bouquet. The only disappointment was that the DJ turned out to be not as great as advertised. But still, it was everything they wanted in that they had their family and friends there to share their love and joy.

It was perfect. Our families got to meet our friends, and our friends got to become our family.”

The Little Details

Their colors were, of course, black, white, and red.

Wedding Shoes

Reception Centerpieces

Gorgeous red rose centerpieces!

Wedding Favors

Bold Wedding Favors!

For wedding favors, they gave out martini glasses filled with bath salts that they got from Kaya Mansa. Each martini glass was covered in either clear or red cellophane and had a little label with their J&J logo.

Wedding Photography

Their photography, that they loved,  came from A Shutter In Time Photography . And then their DJ came from DJ, Elite Music Works.

Wedding Cake Topper

And their adorable cake topper is actually a lot like ones we have in stock at Wedding Collectibles!

I think it is safe to say that Josh and Jason’s wedding definitely turned into an event to remember. Their new takes on old traditions are a great inspiration for other couples that want to break the boundaries of the wedding tradition.

Be sure to submit your wedding to be featured by either clicking here, or to find it later, the submission link can be found on our home page in the first drop down menu. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Develop a Wedding Theme or Style

How to Develop a Wedding Theme or Style

It may seem kind of self serving to say, but wedding accessories are very important when it comes to fully developing your wedding theme or style. If all of your accessories are a mish-mash of what you borrowed from other people, your wedding may begin to look a little mish-mashed. Of course, if you are looking to create a more eclectic style, then by all means, go for it; it is a great way to save money. Otherwise, you are going to want your wedding accessories to be hand picked, just for you and your wedding dream.  When developing your wedding theme and style, there are four areas of your wedding that your accessories are essential: The bride, the ceremony, the table centerpieces, and the cake. Whether you are on a budget or not, these or the four sections of your wedding that you want to pay extra attention to.

  1. The Bride 
    1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding
    Ruffled Blog: 1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding

    Let’s face it. When people go to a wedding the first thing they want to look at is the bride. Not to objectify her, but she is the center-stone to the whole event. The bride and her dress. Your choice of wedding dress will heavily influence the tone of the wedding. For example, if you choose to wear a ballroom gown, but are having a bohemian theme, the two styles will clash. Then, you have to decide on how to do your hair and what bridal accessories to wear. These accessories will make or break your wedding look.

  2. The Ceremony 
    1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding
    Ruffled Blog: 1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding

    There are of course a lot of different aspects of the wedding ceremony that are going to affect your wedding theme or style. The location is of course key, but it is often what you do with that location that is going to really establish you in your ceremony. And really, there are a lot more wedding accessories that go into the wedding ceremony than many people realize, many of which depend on what traditions you are upholding. For example, you may need to decide on a unity candle, SAND JAR, flower baskets, or a  ring pillow.

  3. Reception Centerpieces 
    1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding
    Ruffled Blog: 1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding

    In terms of reception decor, the centerpieces are going to be HUGE in establishing your theme or style. Taking the 1920′s Inspired wedding that is featured on the Ruffled blog as an example, this bride’s centerpiece is very simple, but the long stemmed vases and the mod styled center mat evoke that 1920′s feel more than if she had just a regular rounded vase and a plain white table clothe. The center mat is probably what gives the 1920′s vibe the most and is even reminiscent of the great american novel based in the 20′s, The Great Gatsby. So, as you prioritize your reception decoration budget, be sure to pay attention to your centerpieces with what flowers, vases, candles, table numbers, place settings, and any other unique ornaments you wish to use.

  4. The Cake
    Vintage Romance Sonoma Wedding
    Ruffled Blog: Vintage Romance Sonoma Wedding

    The cake stands as one of the focal points of pretty much any reception and you are adhering to the tradition of cutting the cake, then you know it will end up at center stage, making the cake’s design and accessories very important. Cake accessories that you will be choosing from will mainly be cake toppers, but may also include flowers. Wedding cake toppers are a great opportunity to establish your wedding theme, and as the cute bunny toppers in the photo above demonstrate, do not need to be completely traditional. Really, there are cake toppers made to work with almost any wedding theme and style.The wedding cake topper you choose is often reflective of your couple personality too and is one of the few wedding decorations that not only symbolize your love, but can also last beyond the wedding as a keepsake.

Top Ten “Cinderella Moment” Wedding Cake Toppers

Top Ten “Cinderella Moment” Wedding Cake Toppers

Most little girls dream of being a princess at one point or another, and when you are all grown up and getting married, that wedding day is the perfect opportunity to make yourself into that princess. A lot of brides choose to capture that Cinderella moment in their wedding and these cake toppers will help you do just that -whether you want to literally feature Cinderella or just embody her dream come true story.

  1. Cinderella’s Disney Wedding Day Cake Topper – Lenox The number one cake topper for our Cinderella moment is a Cinderella cake topper! Hurray! This cake topper is impeccably made and by having the storybook couple in their wedding attire, it more easily fits in with formal wedding tones. The extra details of crystals across Cinderella’s dress and the doves on the base are what make this cake topper extraordinary.

  2. A “Cinderella Moment” Figurine Cinderella Moment Cake Topper
    This cake topper is great for the less literal Cinderella bride. It instead embodies the idea of being the beautiful princess in love with the gentlemen prince. Basically, we love this sweet pose and think it would work great with a true love Cinderella wedding.

  3. Fairy Tale Dreams Castle Cake Topper

    Cinderella Castle Cake Topper ”And they lived happily ever after…” Talk about perfect! This cake topper is our number three for the brides that don’t have their heart set on a bride and groom figurine, but really want that fairy tale love to show through. It has wonderful stone wall detailing and really does look like a castle. Additionally, the simple white coloring will melt easily into any color scheme or background.

  4. Crystal Cinderella Castle Cake Topper with Arch This cake topper features a charmingly colored hand cut crystal castle that is by far the most unique of the castle wedding cake toppers on this list. The crystal castle is fittingly accompanied by crystals in the faux-pearl archway, and a base that is accented by silk cording that together creates a graceful and picturesque aesthetic.
  5. Pumpkin Coach Cake Topper With Porcelain Base  
    This cake topper is just darling. The base is so unique and working with the heart arch gives the topper a vintage feel. Then the small pumpkin coach from the Cinderella story helps bring to mind how dreams can really come true.

  6. Glass Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Cake Topper With Horse Okay, I know the coach looks familiar, but this coach from the topper above paired with the horse figurine makes an adorable, magical, and unique wedding cake topper. It is both simple and sophisticated and will make for a wonderful wedding keepsake.

  7.  Off-White Porcelain Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Figurine If we were just looking at traditional cake toppers, I am sure this topper would be a little higher up on our list. It is elegant and very polished. The veil is take-your-breath-away lovely and the rosy cheeks breathe life into the piece. It is number seven merely because it is not as closely related to the Cinderella theme and style.

  8. Cinderella Castle Cake Topper with Arch Castle Wedding Cake TopperThis cake topper is our number four because it features the delicate workmanship of blown glass. The faux-pearl arch and organza base give light to ideas of living in a fantasy or on the brim of clouds. We have had some brides that want just the castle -though I think the base and arch really add to the effect -but it is important to remember that glass figures can’t be sold on their own and must have a base. You don’t want to find yourself eating a glass filled bite of cake if one of those spires break.

  9. Cinderella and Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper  This cake topper couldn’t of not made it to the top ten list because it is the classic Cinderella image. It is lower on the list because the bright coloring may clash if you have a very specific color scheme. It is also the most literal of this “Cinderella moment” list. What we love most about this is its literalness precisely because it is reminiscent of childlike imagination and first love innocence.

  10. Alluring Crystal Spray Cake Topper with Swarovski Crystal

    Alluring Crystal Spray Cake Topper with Swarovski Crystal Our final “Cinderella moment” cake topper in our top ten is this crystal spray cake topper. If you are a Disney fanatic (as most Cinderella brides are) then you know what it is like to be standing front of the Cinderella castle at the Disneyland park watching the firework show. This cake topper reminds me a lot of that moment. It is made with Swarovski crystals -which is one of the highest grades of crystal- with two crystals per stem and it the perfect symbol for the fireworks that go off inside you each time you see your special someone.