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Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake has been part of wedding ceremony traditions from long ago and since then, the newlyweds accustomed to share their bread and now their cake with the guests to make them part of the celebration of their love.  Ever since, this tradition has been evolving to become what we know today, the cake is a really important part of any wedding and most guests are willing to see how it is decorated. With that, cake toppers have also changed a lot and now you can find a huge variety of them.

Gone are the days when wedding cake toppers did not show a single thing about the couple. Now, cake toppers reflect the bride and groom’s interests, hobbies, personalities, and even their looks.  It is behind the times when dolls did not express anything about the couple. If you need some ideas to choose your wedding toppers, keep reading.

Customized Cake Toppers

If you want to make sure your wedding is a success, you should consider to personalize every detail of it, from the decoration, the hairstyle, the makeup, the cake and the cake toppers. Choose a theme that displays details of your relationship, hobbies or likes. For instance:

  • Sports lovers:

If you are fans of any sport or specific team. It is a great idea to choose cake toppers that mirror that. You can find very original toppers that are sports related and still, glamourous. You would find toppers playing soccer, tennis, hockey, video games and even surfing, you choose.

  • Replicas:

Did you know that you could get replicas of you and your spouse to be? What could be more custom than that? Some places will just ask for your pictures and they will copy your features and gestures.

  • Toppers with attitude:

If you consider you are a fun couple, then you should not doubt to get cake toppers that express that. There are lots of them with fun poses, behaviors and even clothing.

  • Cartoon, TV or Movie:

If you are a huge fan of any character, you can definitely have it on top of your cake! There are tons of figures you can choose from and even though they are characters, they may come dress as bride and groom.

 As you can see, there are plenty options. You just need some time and dedicationa dn you will find the perfect wedding cake toppers that best express your feelings and likes.

Top 8 Sexy Wedding Cake Toppers

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding cake toppers for your wedding, you may be halting between a traditional cake topper and a funnier one. There are a great number of original or classic designs you can choose from. All you need is to take a look at them and decide which one suits you and your spouse-to be better.

If you are a really playful and sensual couple, you should then go for a unique and sexy cake topper that represents your personalities. In case you haven’t seen options or you are still trying to make a choice, use this list we have created with the top eight  sexiest wedding cake toppers you may find.

“Super Sexy Dancing” Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine

This cake topper will put a little spice to your wedding cake. If you both love to dance, this is the perfect one for you. You can even change their hair and other detail colors to make it more personalized.

“Tie(ing) the Knot” Wedding Cake Topper

If you are looking for a romantic but sexy cake topper, you should try this one. It is sweet but humorous by depicting a seductive bride gripping on her groom’s tie.

Funny Sexy Tender Touch Cake Topper

If you want your cake topper to show your dirty and funny side, you would love this one. It shows a mischievous bride and groom patting their butts while in their front faces they look calm and as if nothing were happening.

“Over the Threshold” Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine

This cake topper is funny, sexy and it displays the excitement, flirting and love you both feel towards your marriage,

“Funny Sexy” African American Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine

Smoking hot! This cake topper displays an African American couple formally dress while the bride’s legs are wrapped around her groom’s and her garter is exposed.

“Super Sexy Spy” Rhinestone Heart Wedding Cake Topper

For a Mr. and Mrs. Smith-like wedding, this cake topper is a must have. It displays the couple with a hand gun while the bride’s gather is exposed.

Love Never Dies Skulls Making Out Wedding Cake Topper

This is not only a very unique cake topper, it is also super sexy. The skeleton bride is sensually laying on top of the skeleton groom and next to them, the statement “love never dies” makes it really romantic.

To Have and to Hold Cake Top

If you want to show off how women are not the weaker sex, you should take a look at this cake topper. It is a twist to all the conventional and how sexy it is to see a strong woman, isn’t it?
As you can see, there are many different options when you have to choose a cake topper; they have evolved so much that you can adapt them to your tastes and likes. You just need to see around, compare and decide.