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Guide: Choosing A Quinceanera Cake Topper

Choosing a Quinceañera Cake Topper

Quinceañera Cake Topper

Planning your Quinceañera all starts with a theme – princess, flowers, diamonds, butterflies, etc. Once you have that, you can move forward with colors, invitations, décor, and most importantly, your cake! We’ve got a list to help you find your perfect Quinceañera cake topper to round out every theme you can imagine to celebrate turning 15. Here are just a few of our favorites:

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Stylish and Vibrant Sweet Sixteen Gifts!

Selecting the Right Sweet Sixteen Gifts for your Favorite Teenager

Sweet Sixteen Gifts

If a special girl in your life is turning sixteen, you’ve probably heard about what a big milestone it has become for teenage girls. A sweet sixteen party is “it” for social events in high school outside of prom, and girls want to document and remember this birthday forever. So when you’re looking around for the right sweet sixteen gifts for the teenager in your life, think about what this milestone means to her. Sweet sixteen gifts don’t have to be different from gifts for any other birthday (jewelry, a roller derby helmet, etc), but you may think about finding something that marks the occasion in one way or another.

Sweet sixteen gifts that will become treasured keepsakes included items such as customized cake toppers, jewelry boxes, or even picture frames. If you really want to make the gift receiver feel like a princess, think about finding sweet sixteen gifts like crowns and tiaras that she can wear and show off on her special day. The best sweet sixteen gift is one that she can wear to school. No girl wants her most anticipated birthday to be ignored or forgotten, and the right sweet sixteen gifts can ensure that you help her remember it forever.

Getting Creative with Birthday Cake Toppers

Finding the Right Birthday Cake Toppers

Birthday Cake Toppers

Not all cake toppers are for weddings and vow renewals; many families chose to celebrate birthdays with a little more enthusiasm and flair than plastic balloons on a Costco sheet cake, and elegant birthday cake toppers are the kind of accessories that set these events apart. Birthday cake toppers aren’t limited to pink floating female figurines, though they certainly are available. Many modern birthday cake toppers might feature a monogram for either the first or family name of the birthday girl. Birthday cake toppers also feature floral arrangements, explosions of tulle and colorful beads, or anything else you can imagine sitting pretty on a beautiful birthday cake.

Great options for birthday cake toppers for recipients of any sex (the girl figurines tend to be a little one-sided that way) are glass ornaments that take the place of more traditional birthday cake toppers. These toppers feature the name of the birthday girl (or boy!) and might also display the date and name of the event (Sweet Sixteen, My quinceanera, etc.). These birthday cake toppers may also reflect the birthday theme (autumn, island, etc.). Birthday cake toppers don’t have to be limited to your cheesy plastic selection at the grocery store pastry counter – you just have to take the time to find birthday cake toppers that are right for you!

Sparkle and Color: Quinceanera Bouquets

Quinceanera Bouquets to Last a Lifetime

Quinceanera Bouquets

A girl’s quinceanera is a time of celebration for her and her family; it’s a time when a girl becomes a woman and she is able to rejoice in that transition with all the flare and glitter of a wedding day. So why not include quinceanera bouquets? Quinceanera bouquets don’t have to be mirror images of their bridal counterparts – quite the contrary! Quinceanera bouquets incorporate all the sparkle and color of the day, often crafted to last a lifetime – maybe even to pass on to the next girl in the family to hold a quinceanera!


Quinceanera bouquets are also wonderful for the lucky girl’s leading ladies – the friends who will stand up with her as she transitions into womanhood. Like bridesmaids, these girls would love quinceanera bouquets of their own!

Plan early for your quinceanera bouquets – they should flow with the color and feel of the day (and hopefully sparkle just as much as the lucky girl herself!) No preservation is needed for quinceanera bouquets if you plan on ordering them as a long-lasting decoration. Quinceanera bouquets are built to be passed on from celebration to celebration! So when it comes time to plan your next quinceanera, don’t forget your glittery, fabulous quinceanera bouquets!

Mark the Occasion with a Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Transitioning to Adulthood with a Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

“Sweet Sixteens” have gotten a bad rap thanks to shows featuring bratty teenagers and extravagant parties. The truth is, turning sixteen is a big deal for adolescents, and the “Sweet Sixteen” is a tradition that shouldn’t be allowed to die. Sixteen marks a turning point (no matter your background) for teenagers with their eyes on adulthood. For many young adults, it’s the first time adult responsibilities (such as the acquisition of a driver’s license and shifting curfews) are trusted to them. How should you (the guest/parent) mark this often-overlooked occasion?


Consider the sweet sixteen cake topper. A sweet sixteen cake topper crowns an event as a legitimately important affair, and is something drastically different from what’s expected at a child’s birthday party. The sweet sixteen cake topper is a marker of adulthood; a symbol of what the sixteenth birthday is all about: the end of childhood. A sweet sixteen cake topper shows the adolescent-of-honor that you acknowledge this birthday more so than the others that preceded it; that this day is the beginning of a lifetime of adult recognition.


The significance of the sweet sixteen cake topper doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get to be pretty. Sweet sixteen cake toppers come in a wide variety of designs and can be outfitted with the teen’s name, birth date, and any pattern that fits the party’s theme. A sweet sixteen cake topper is a symbol of adulthood, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fashionable one!

Gifting a Quinceanera Cake Topper

Quinceanera Cake Topper

A Quinceanera Cake Topper – A Great Gift for the Teen who has Everything

A quinceanera is an important right of passage for many Hispanic teenagers that occurs on (or celebrates) a girl’s 15th birthday. This celebration marks her transition into womanhood. For anyone outside of the loop, an invitation to a “quince” may illicit a few raised eyebrows and questions about what is expected of them (the guest), and what the experience may be like.

For many families, the quince is as important as the wedding day. The birthday girl wears a big beautiful dress, there is a processional likened to a wedding party, and there will be cake – Oh, will there be cake; possibly with a quinceanera cake topper crowning it.



So what to get for a girl who will likely be showered with gifts from her close friends and family? Consider a quinceanera cake topper. A quinceanera cake topper will probably be given a little too late to make it to the top of the cake during the quince, but it should not be discounted in its significance. The quince is an incredibly important right of passage, and a quinceanera cake topper to mark the occasion will surely be appreciated. The quinceanera cake topper can be treasured for years as a symbol of a girl’s acceptance into the adult community, and serves as a token to remind that girl not only of her experience during her quince, but of your part during that special time. A quinceanera cake topper doesn’t have to be a solo figurine if you want to mark the occasion in a different way – a quinceanera cake topper can be adorned with the girl’s name, photos, and even her birth date. So the next time you are invited to share in the experience of this important event, consider gifting a quinceanera cake topper!

How can you enhance your 15th or 16th birthday celebrations?

There are many shades of emotions involved with celebrations in life. If you are looking for memorable for your Quinceanera celebration, following is a selection just perfect to add to the joy.

We recommend to you a lovely Paper Rose Quinceanera – a truly Sweet Sixteen topper. Made of porcelain is available in custom colors to widen your choice! This indeed is a beautiful topper whose beauty is enhanced with pretty pink paper roses, crafted out of handmade mulberry, pink tulle, as well as deft fine porcelain Quinceanera. It features a sizzling Sweet Sixteen figurine that looks simply fabulous with the cute young debutante curtsying gracefully.

To make it even more appealing, it carries handsome handmade baby pink rose. The cake topper also has a ravishing rhinestone 15 or 16 with a gorgeous n organza bow. Hand painted porcelain the skirt is created of organza. Isn’t it an ideal addition for doubling the joy of your 15th or 16th birthday?

Next pick from this captivating category of – Sweet Sixteen cake topper is a Pastel Rose Porcelain Quinceanera This again is a fabulous accessory that comes with handmade porcelain roses, available in pastel colored, pink tulle, and a nice little fine porcelain Quinceanera – serene Sweet Sixteen figurine.

This too flaunts the young and happy debutante who is gleefully curtsying. The figurine is shown carrying baby pink rose to go with the mood. It includes a rhinestone 15 or 16 along with an organza bow.

Why are Quinceanera figurines so special?

We have already checked some beautiful bouquets that form part of Quinceanera & and Sweet Sixteen accessories. Let us take a look at other fabulous offerings from the captivating category. Studded with Swarovski crystal, a magnificent Monogram Silver Rhinestone 15 Quinceanera wedding cake topper is worth going for. This is a beautiful topper that looks pretty with matching Heart and also stands out on its own!

Apart from wedding, some special celebrations can be marked with cute accessories. Birthdays are among those special personal occasions to shine. Precious Moments ‘La Quinceanera’ cake topper figurine is truly fabulous. A lovely figurine is ideal to crown the birthday cake top.

It is great for the quinceanera – 15th or 16th – birthday celebrations of any true ‘Precious Moments’ fan!  This is a traditional albeit trendy accessory or gift for your brunette’s celebration. You can make it really special! For girls, the day is particularly sweet. In this milestone moment, an elegant bisque figurine nicely illustrates Quinceanera.

The captivating cake topper figurine also comes into play when a young hispanic girl turns 15 years old, she celebrates her quinceanera. This is a momentous occasion spent with family and friends. This beautiful figurine represents her “coming of age,” and would make a thoughtful gift or cake topper.

Another enchanting and elegant selection is Paper Rose Quinceanera – Sweet Sixteen topper. Made of Porcelain and available in custom colors, this is a beautiful choice that has pink mulberry paper roses (handmade), pink tulle plus a deft Quinceanera. The Sweet Sixteen figurine looks fantastic with the young debutante, carrying baby pink rose, is gracefully curtsying. It carries a rhinestone 15 or 16 with an awesome organza bow. It’s a perfect value-add for your 15th or 16th grand birthday celebration.

Are you looking for elegant Quinceanera & Sweet Sixteen accessories?

If you are looking for some real cute Quinceanera & and Sweet Sixteen accessories, your choice will get more exciting here thanks to a wide range available.

One of the exclusive picks for those with elegant tastes is the truly captivating Crystal with Flowers Wedding & Quinceanera Ivory bouquet. This is a lovely handmade bouquet perfect for a wonderful wedding or Quinceanera celebration.

It is made with roughly 45 Preciosa Czech crystals (14 mm) the superior quality in an opulent octagonal cut and sizzling silver-plated alloy stems, plus deft ivory gum paste flowers with gorgeous green leaves. The amazing accessory is enhanced with ivory organza ribbon that can be modified to your needs. The handle won’t poke since it’s bound with white cording.

Our next pick is a gorgeous Gold Crystal Wedding & Quinceanera bouquet. This is an equally elegant piece. It, needless to say, is handmade. The bouquet, as its name itself suggests, is ideal for a wonderful wedding or Quinceanera celebration. It is crafted with 180 Preciosa Czech supreme quality crystals (14 mm) in an octagonal cut similar to Crystal with Flowers Ivory bouquet.

The Gold Crystal Wedding & Quinceanera bouquet includes 90 gold-plated alloy stems (There are 2 crystals per stem). The bouquet is deftly accented with shiny ivory organza ribbon bound with a magnificent metallic gold edge. It can be shortened or arranged according to your convenience.

Importantly, these beautiful bouquets can serve as an ideal addition to guestbook table, or even as centerpieces!