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Wedding Invitation Trends

You have seen them all come through your mailbox. The glitter filled ones, the polka dot print ones and the ones that come with a special treat. We are talking about wedding invitations of course! Where do you begin? So much to choose from! We came up with some inspiration and ideas for your wedding invitations below!


Be Creative

 record player invite

We thought this was a clever and interactive wedding invitation. When the invitation is folded, the card turns into a manually spun paper record player that plays a song recorded by the bride and groom. How cool is that? The invitation has a record groove cover that has a letterpressed band and a tear off RSVP card. Invitation designed by Kelli Anderson



Be Artsy


rifle paper invite

Love the arts? Why don’t you go with a hand painted or illustrated invitation. You can have a lot fun with personalizing it. For example, you can have your invitation designer paint a custom picture of you and your significant other on it! Invitation by rifle paper. You can also find some pretty illustrated ones here.


Be Yourself

paris inspired jose villa invitation

Stay true to yourself. If you are a simple person then make sure you have simple invitaitons. Your invitations and most importantly your wedding should illustrate both of your personalities! Invitation above designed by Sugar & Fluff.

A Customized Wedding for Your Wedding Guests

A Customized Wedding Just for Your Wedding Guests

Customized Wedding Accessories

Customized Wedding Apparel

 As an appreciation for being there at a very special time for the couple, wedding guests will normally be given party favors or gifts. This is especially true if they happen to be closely related to the bride and groom. But, instead of giving out the same old party favors and gifts without putting any thought into it, why not customize all of the gifts in order to give everything that personal touch and really show that the couple is grateful for everyone being there? It is very easy to do so and doesn’t mean going way over budget to have everything customized. There are five gifts that are the easiest and most inexpensive to personalize:

1. Customized Wedding Accessories
Whether it happens to be the brides maids, groomsmen, close family, or even all of the guests attending, let them have a piece of the wedding by customizing wedding accessories which can be gifted at the end of the day. Things such as jewelry sets, candles, beauty supplies, and other wedding essentials are perfect for this idea and don’t have to cost a fortune to customize.

2. Gifted Wedding Apparel
This is a great idea for both big and small weddings: letting the guests go home with customized wedding apparel, such as sandals, t-shirts, handkerchiefs, tote bags, or even specialized jackets. Everything can be customized exactly to the wishes of the couple while keeping every guest’s preferences in mind. And, the combinations are almost near endless to fit any type of destination wedding or theme wedding.

Customized Wedding Apparel
Customized Wedding Flip-Flops

3. Personalized Wedding Stationery
For very close family and friends of the bride and groom, they will want something that they can truly cherish beyond wedding accessories and wedding apparel. This is exactly where personalized stationery such as a photo album, thank you notes, and scrapbooks come into the picture because of just how customized they can be.

4. Wedding Dining Sets
For fancier weddings, such as a destination wedding, allowing the guests to keep their dinnerware is a great and very unique idea. Things such as toasting flutes, goblets, special and customized silverware and other trinkets can be created to not only be personalized for the bride and groom but also fit into the overall theme of the customized wedding without any extra charge.

5. Special Wedding Knick-Knacks
When the budget is smaller and the number of attending wedding guests is still growing, smaller knick-knacksand trinkets are the perfect fit for creating party favor bags for everyone. For example, a destination wedding to the beach can include seashells, bubble bath, small jewelry, or even shot glasses. And the best part? Everything can be given that personal touch.

Making sure everyone who is attending is actually going to be there and will have a good time is probably one of the most frustrating things for both the bride and groom. Thankfully, having everyone go home with a distinctive gift from your customized wedding doesn’t have to be as frustrating when there are countless possibilities, all of which can be highly customized without the big price tag.


Etiquette In-Vogue: Bachelorette Thank You Cards

Drafting Bachelorette Thank You Cards

Bachelorette Thank You Cards


Etiquette is always in vogue, and thank you cards are a welcome thought after most wedding-related events, though they have been, so far, mostly surrounding gift-giving occasions such as bridal showers or the big day itself. There’s something special about thank yous for your friends when they take time and money to throw you an awesome party, however, and though a verbal “thank you” is probably much-appreciated, it doesn’t take that much more time to articulate your thanks in writing via a set of bachelorette thank you cards. Consider drafting up some bachelorette thank you cards after your night on the town with the girls.

Likely, your good girl friends funded the evening, as it is a gift to you, and most of your evening expenses were likely covered. This doesn’t happen in all circles, but it is increasing in prevalence. Say thank you to those involved with some bachelorette thank you cards! Even if you don’t send out bachelorette thank you cards to the lot, consider such an action for the girl who did the majority of the planning. Send out bachelorette thank you cards in addition to a thoughtful hostess gift, such as a bottle of wine or a nice gift card. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and bachelorette bashes are a lot of work! Show your girls you care with a few bachelorette thank you cards!

A Beautiful “Must”: Wedding Card Boxes

Preparing with elegant Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding card boxes have exited on gift tables at weddings for decades – and with good reason. They provide a place for guests to slip you their well wishes (and a little cash) without cluttering the gift table with stacks of envelopes. If designed correctly, wedding card boxes don’t have to stick out amongst your other wedding decor, and they can even add a nice, elegant touch to a usually drab table.

After all, you can’t just skip wedding card boxes at events like weddings. As much as we like to think that OUR wedding will be crasher-proof, it’s always nice to have a little locked-down insurance, especially for easily-swiped wedding cards!

Think about the size of wedding card boxes. Depending on the budget of your event, something the size of a shoebox is usually about right; any smaller and you risk the bending and possible ripping of cards. A lock isn’t necessary, but it is helpful to have some way to latch your wedding card boxes. Imagine trying to bring it out to the car only to have your cards spill out all over the parking lot!

Bird cage-style wedding card boxes are an elegant way to add to your decor without sticking out. The cage allows you to see the contents as they multiply, and they look beautiful at any event (especially at gardens or backyard weddings). Wedding card boxes are a must, but they should be a BEAUTIFUL must!

Wedding gift thank you cards

For thanking your guests who attended your wedding party and pamper you with gifts, give them a wedding gift thank you cards. It is just a way to express your gratitude towards guests who attended your wedding and made it memorable. Even you can thank all those who were involved in making your wedding a dream wedding like host and hostess of the bridal dinner and reception, rehearsals. These cards are available in pre printed formats and are small in size. You have to just choose the design and give the matter to be printed on the card. If you wish to send a personalized card, then make handmade paper card and write a note of thanks. If you do not wish to spend a lot of times in searching for thank you cards, or worry of late deliveries, then send an electronic wedding thank you cards via email. But they do not convey warmth and are very formal way of thanking your guests. There are many shops online which can give you a lot of variety for wedding gift thank you cards so you don’t have to sweat it out moving from one retail shop to another. Get more information on wedding gift thank you cards