Ecological Weddings

Photo Credit: Best Photography

Photo Credit: Best Photography

Today, more people are paying attention to the environmental damage humans cause with their lack of attention or interest. Therefore, many couples have chosen to celebrate their wedding with style but respecting our mother earth by paying attention to all details and making an effort to cause as little damage as full movie Logan 2017

Green weddings have become a phenomena lately and there are even special companies that help you prepare in case you have no idea how to start. The greatest part of it is that your wedding ceremony will still be fabulous and stylish but without compromising our house, which we must keep safe for future generations. It may seem expensive; however, a green wedding is actually more economic than a regular one. Here you have some options to have a great ecological wedding:

  • Choose a dress made of organic fabrics such as cotton, hemp and/or recycled textiles. You can even find sexy lingerie made of the same materials. There are actually foundations that resell these type of dresses and then help a charity of your choice.
  • You can choose to use ecological jewelry. There are a lot of options for jewels produced without being so harmful with nature such as diamonds that meet all worker protection laws or rings made with recycled gold or platinum. Even better, use heritage jewelry, it will look chic and vintage.
  • Get an ecological bouquet from an organic florist, some of which use plants that can then be transplanted. If you prefer, grow the flowers yourself. Then you can brag to have a grow-it-yourself bouquet!
  • Regarding the menu, you can use seasonal and organically produced food. Avoid buffet since there is usually a lot of waste. Try using that recyclable china made of paper or bamboo. Then you can take all the food and china leftovers and make compost with it.
  • For the invitations, you can go with recycled paper ones. There are so many beautiful and modern styles to choose from and you will not feel bad if you have too many guests
  • If you want to give out something for guests to remember your wedding, you can be original and give those bonsai plants and even seed packages.
  • For the honeymoon, you can search the web for eco-tourism which has increasing popularity lately so it won’t be hard to find. It offers greener options for you to enjoy and some even help local communities.

As you can see, there are so many options to reduce your ecological footprint while offering a remarkable, beautiful and unique wedding ceremony. Give it a try!