Real Wedding in California with Becky and Charlie (Part 2)

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Meet Becky and Charlie and see their fun sports themed photo shoot with Double Take Photography in our previous blog article, Real Wedding in California with Becky and Charlie (Part 1)

Full of Life and Color

-The Wedding Day-

Wedding Photo Shoot

Wedding Photos were done by the wonderful Double Take Photography.

Becky and Charlie were married on August 9th of 2013 in the Sand Diego Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as LDS or Mormon). Since Charlie is Tongan, Becky really wanted to bring in that culture into their wedding day. So, their wedding featured bright colors – with the main two being coral and gold, gorgeous tropical inspired flowers, and some traditional Tongan attire and dances. For both this Bride and Groom and their wedding guests, it was a night to remember.

The Wedding Look

Lace Wedding DressBecky’s dress was floor length, lace, and beautiful. In this classic wedding day photo, it features both her dress, the tropical feel of the wedding, and the absolutely adorable wedding day hanger that has their new family name written in the hanger wire. How cute is that?!

Bright wedding shoesShe wore these adorable bright coral heels that brought in one of her main wedding colors into her look and played up on her spunky personality.

Lace Wedding GownThe bride wore her hair half up, half down with pretty ringlets. She also wore a jewelry set of a teardrop pearl necklace and earrings.

Wedding Bracelet  And finally, she wore this sweet rose gold bow bracelet. The rose gold was an excellent choice because it ties in wonderfully with both her main colors of color and gold.

Don’t Forget the Groom!

Grey wedding suit Our handsome groom Charlie, looked dashing wearing a light grey suit, white vest, shirt, and tie. This light grey is perfect for any summer and topical inspired wedding.

Hero Cuff Links He added the special touch of these cute, classy, and oh-so-manly superman cuff links. What could be more appropriate than a symbol for hope (be it from a comic book or not)?

The Bouquet

bridal bouquet While Becky and Charlie’s main wedding colors were coral and gold, the style she really wanted to capture was very islander so for her bouquet she featured bright colors and tropical flowers. One of the great things about this wedding theme is it inspires life and is very invigorating.

Bridal Party


bridal partyFor the bridal party, Becky had eight bridesmaids and Charlie had nine groomsmen. The bridesmaids wore light coral dresses and the groomsmen were in grey suits (like Charlies) with grey vests, and coral ties to match the girls.

bridal partyThe bridesmaids had small bouquets featuring light pink roses and the groom and groomsmen had tropical flower boutonnieres.

The Ceremony

Ring CeremonyBecky and Charlie were married, or sealed, in the LDS Temple. In the Mormon faith, the Temple is considered holy and sacred, and so only worthy members of the church may enter it fully and photographs are not permitted. Since they had a large amount of family and close friends that were unable to attend their temple ceremony, the couple also had a small ring ceremony at the start of their reception. For some families it can be very hard if not everyone is a member and cannot enter the temple, but for couples getting married, the temple is not seen as just a location, but being married in the temple is instead seen as the difference between “till death do I part” and “for time and all eternity”. At its core, it is a very sweet sentiment and it can be understood why couples would choose to have their wedding in the temple even if important family members cannot attend. Having a ring ceremony at the start of the reception is often considered a good compromise.

The Reception

Sign in table Becky and Charlie had a simple sign in table with a photo guest book.

Wedding Photo Booth

Guests were also encouraged to have their photo taken in the mock Polaroid photo booth with fun props. cake pop wedding cakeTo fit their personality, Becky and Charlie had a rather unconventional wedding cake with this funky and colorful cake pop cake!

cake cutting tradition They also included this small, colorful, but simple wedding cake to use in the tradition of the cake cutting ceremony. To see cake serving sets like Becky and Charlie’s click here or see a wider selection in our Top Ten Serving Sets reception candy bar Keeping things bright, along with their cake pops, they also had a candy bar! This is a great option when you want to keep things light and playful. Flower Table Centerpieces Becky and Charlie’s flowers in these unique table centerpieces were done by Becky’s aunt with Amazing Blooms Studio.


Bride and Grooms First DanceBecky and Charlie kept the wedding tradition of having their first dance together as husband and wife and the father daughter /mother son dance. They also included a grandfather dance with each of Becky’s grandfathers. Father Daughter DanceGrandfather DanceCultural Wedding Traditions

 Keeping with the goal of including Tongan traditions, Becky and Charlie surprised their guests and were presented in traditional Tongan wedding attire. Charlie’s aunts helped them dress and then explained to the guests what each article of clothing were symbolic for.Tongan money dance

They also had some traditional Tongan dances performed and included a money dance.
Wedding traditions

Then, they included both the bouquet and garter sparklersAnd finally, they ended the night with a sparkling send off!

Congratulation to Becky and Charlie! They have recently celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary and are now expecting a baby boy! We wish you the very best as you journey forward together.

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