Top 10 Wedding Themes

When deciding how to decorate for your wedding, the perfect first stop is deciding on a wedding theme or style. What better start than perusing our top 10 with recommendations for accessories! These popular themes can be made unique to your wedding theme with just a few quick snaps.

1) Rustic Weddings

 Rustic Wedding

Ruffled Blog: Bishop Farm Wedding

Rustic: This rustic wedding theme is extremely popular. It is a wedding theme that is full of earth tones, the little touches, and works in for every season. It is an ideal wedding theme for outdoor ceremonies and receptions and really opens you up to keeping that tradition of something blue, borrowed, old and new in a creative way. Try using wedding accessories like our “Precious Moments Rustic Wedding Cake Topper” or one of our burlap aisle runners.

2. Glam and Glitter

Glitzy Wedding Decorations

Ruffled Blog: Glam New Years Inspiration
Glam and Glitter: Another popular wedding theme is the glitz and glam. This can be anything from the spunky glitter of the New Years wedding from or it can be softer hues of sequin and sparkle that can show up in your wedding accessories like our glitzy cake server sets and our wedding sparklers bundles.

3.Vintage Theme

Vintage Wedding

Ruffled Blog: “The NotWedding Charlotte”

Vintage Wedding: Not to be confused with rustic, vintage weddings have been a long time standing in the top ten of wedding themes. Seems old style doesn’t go out of style. Incorporate lace, family heirlooms, and old time traditions to get your vintage wedding kick stated. Check out our “Top 10 Vintage Accessories” to get things rolling!

4. Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale Wedding

Ruffled Blog: Fairytale California Elopement

Fairy tale Wedding: What girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess? Really, it is no wonder why the happily ever after princess wedding is a high ranker in favorite wedding themes. This can be easily achieved with wedding accessories like a castle cake topper or one of the Lenox princess wedding cake toppers in our shop.

5. Ethereal Tones

Ethereal Wedding

Ruffled Blog: “Ontario Flower Child Wedding”

Ethereal: Light, delicate, with earth tones, and often a bohemian vibe. This is a popular wedding style that focuses on the natural beauty of it’s brides. Use simplistic wedding accessories like delicate tea lights to enhance this wedding theme.

6. Floral 

Floral Wedding

Ruffled Blog: “English Countryside Wedding Inspiration”

Floral: Roses, daisies, tulips, peonies, lavender: The focus of this wedding are on these awesome blooms and the bloom of your love. This wedding is best done outside and you can amp up this floral theme with more than just literal flowers and can include floral prints on table cloths and invitations.

7. Decadent Designs

Extravagant Wedding Style

Ruffled Blog: “Elegant Disco Wedding”

Decadent Designs: This is for the the bride that loves a room dripping with beauty, elegance, and…well decadents. It may be over the top to some, but for our decadent brides it is just right. Think chandeliers, jeweled cake toppers, and gold (like real gold) trimmed invitations.

8. Brights and Color Pops

Colorful Wedding theme

Ruffled Blog: “Magnolia Plantation Wedding”

Brights and Color Pop: Having bright colors in your wedding tends to come in and out of style, but as of 2014 it is very much so in style! These brights can be warmer like the dressed in the picture above or can be as extreme as neon. This wedding theme is preferred for summer and spring weddings, but can find its place in fall as well.

9.Unplugged Wedding

unplugged Wedding

Ruffled Blog: “Glittery Webb Barn Wedding”

Unplugged: This fun wedding trend can quickly turn into a wedding theme as you use wedding accessories that encourage and embody the idea of being off the grid. This style can be amped up for destination weddings that really want to encourage their guests to stay in the moment and to not stop to check-in on Facebook.

10. Decade Inspiration

Sixties Wedding

Ruffled Blog: “Sixties Inspired Texas Wedding”

Decades: Last but not least are the decades inspired weddings. Whether it is the 60’s, 20’s. or 90’s, taking a look to the past and fully taking on that decade is always on trend. This is different from a vintage wedding that might take bits and pieces from different time periods and is usually and bit farther down the timeline than the 60’s. This is an easy make with bow ties and mod table centerpieces and numbers.