4 Simple Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Your Wedding

4 Simple Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Your Wedding



Weddings are a special day in everyone’s life. It is one of those “important moments” that we find ourselves day dreaming about and planning for. Those dreams and plans quite often include people that are important to you, such as your parents, grandparents, siblings, and childhood friends. If you are planning on keeping traditions like having your father walk you down the aisle, having your father at your wedding is a pivotal to that plan. And for the most part, there isn’t really a concern that won’t happen. Your colors may be negotiable, and you may not have a particular fancy toward a particular venue, but having those people that mean the world to you at your wedding just isn’t up for questioning. So, when someone you love passes and your wedding day comes around, it may be hard to picture that day without them. In sensitivity to this, people have developed a lot of special ways to honor or somehow include those loved ones they may have lost in their wedding day.

1) Memorial Candles.

Personalized Memorial Pillar Candle

Wedding Collectibles Personalized Memorial Pillar Candle

Share the light they have been in your life with those around you. Memorial Candles are a simple, yet intimate way to honor those your love who have passed on. They are often used as part of the wedding ceremony with the suggestion that a prayer be said before lighting them. Something you could also do is share a short or sweet memory of the person before your light their candle. This could be harder if you have more than one, but it is a good way of making a more personal moment.

2) Memorial Vase with that person’s favorite flowers.

Heart Shaped Glass Memorial Vase with

Wedding Collectibles Heart Shaped Glass Memorial Vase with “Loving Hands” Porcelain Base

If you do not wish to add to the wedding ceremony, you could instead include a vase with the loved one’s favorite flowers and name etched on the side. This could be positioned at the sign in table, at the bride and grooms table, or you could set up a specific area meant specifically for memorial. If you have multiple loved ones you are honoring, having a specific table in which you line up rows of vases with their favorite flowers would be a beautiful and empowering image of love, family, and remembrance.

3) Featuring the wedding photo’s of Loved Ones who have passed at your reception.



A lot of brides will choose to feature wedding photos of the previous generations  at their reception as their “something old“, but this could also be done to honor grandparents and parents. If the one you are honoring is a young child or someone who was never married, this suggestion would not exactly work, but having photos of those you love featured at your wedding is a great way to have them be a part of your special day.

4) Add a little bit of who they are in your wedding.



For this suggestion, what we mean is implementing things like your grandmothers favorite flower, the love song your parents danced to on their wedding day, or your sisters favorite color. Whomever it may be that you have lost, you can honor them in the celebration of your wedding.