Fun Uses for Wedding Favor Cameras

Wedding Favor Cameras

Fun Uses for Wedding Favor Cameras

Wedding favor cameras can be a great way for guests to catch candid moments of you and your beloved on your wedding day. If you provide enough of them (one for every two or three guests or one per table), wedding favor cameras can catch moments that your photographer missed – including multiple perspectives of key events such as the cake cutting and first dance.



Fun ways to encourage guests to use wedding favor cameras:

– Provide scavenger hunt cards that challenge guests to capture a variety of moments at your wedding, such as the bouquet in midair, groups of people laughing, the groom kissing his new wife, and children dancing with the bride. Wedding favor cameras are portable and fun, and they’re durable enough that it isn’t the end of the world if they’re dropped on the dance floor.

– Hand out wedding favor cameras to the children at your wedding. You’ll be able to see your wedding from their perspective (expect several shots of the cupcake table), and wedding favor cameras are a great distraction for young ones who aren’t quite old enough the hit the dance floor.

– Use wedding favor cameras as either a supplement or replacement for your guestbook. Guests can take photos and sign the camera (or printed pictures) with their well wishes for you and your new spouse. It might be more advisable to use wedding favor cameras as just a supplement to the guestbook – it’s hard (and unrealistic) to flip through boxes of cameras to find the cute message from your great aunt six months from now.

No matter how you use them, wedding favor cameras are a great addition to any wedding day, and will provide you and your new spouse with albums full of candid memories.