Hosting an Eco Friendly Wedding

The Right Tools for an Eco Friendly Wedding

Eco Friendly Wedding

Hosting an eco friendly wedding really comes down to the little things – finding accessories and favors and paper goods that are less wasteful yet truly stylish. An eco friendly wedding isn’t hard to design and develop; you just have to start early and stay committed. Looking for a few quick eco friendly wedding party supplies to make your eco friendly wedding truly memorable? I would start with your paper goods. Invitations and programs will likely be the first piece of your eco friendly wedding that you guests will see. Make it count.


Biodegradable paper is always a plus, and it isn’t hard to find. Look for invitations, programs, place cards, guest books, and thank you notes printed in natural paper for your eco friendly wedding. If you’d like, you could even print a little message on your natural paper goods to let guests know that they needn’t fret about the fate of their paper waste. Not everyone keeps the programs for your eco friendly wedding forever – this should help them feel better about it!


Finding and using these eco friendly wedding accessories isn’t just about appeasing your need to be environmentally conscious, either – it’s just another way to let your friends and family know what’s important to you on your wedding day. An eco friendly wedding is a way of expressing yourself, in the same way that your dress, your cake, and even your venue shows who you are and what you value. You are venturing into the world as a united front – let an eco friendly wedding start you off on the right foot!