Paper – Inspiration for your Wedding

Seasonal décor, such as flowers and other pretty tidbits, tend to hike up the bill of a wedding quickly and without warning. Many brides spend days pouring through lists of discount decor and flower wholesalers to ease the rising of a wedding budget, but it seems to be one of the inevitable parts of the process. Do-It-Yourself options can help with the swelling, but hundreds of silk flowers and trips to the craft store for more puffy paint can add up just as fast.

The supplies for this bit of inspiration, however, are probably all over your house already: PAPER.


Paper decorations and craft projects are a great supplement (or alternative) to traditional décor. They’re inexpensive, fun to design and make, great activities for groups (such as get-togethers with the bridesmaids), and provide excellent bonding time with your fiancé (Just make sure to write up specific directions!):


Think About Using…

The art of folding paper into shapes has a long-standing history, both in the arts and crafts world. There is a saying that the folding and displaying of one thousand paper cranes at is accompanied by a wish (you might as well make it beneath a shower of the cranes at the altar!); there are simple patterns for origami flowers (including orchids, roses and lilies) all over the internet, and origami boxes add a unique and personal touch to wedding favors.

Lighting is incredibly important at any major event, especially a wedding. Guests won’t notice it if it’s done well, but they can tell if things are off. Paper lanterns go for just a few bucks at most department stores, and even less at party supply places. They’re inexpensive, easy, and they look extra posh at a loft event, and make for whimsical garden parties.

We all made paper snowflakes as kids, and they’ve never stopped being fun and stylish. Make them again (in smaller, less frantic versions) and string them anywhere that needs and extra splash of décor at your winter wedding. Setting up a station for kids to cut their own (with safety scissors and an adult to supervise, of course!) is another great way to keep children entertained until it’s time to go.