How To Best Use Pinterest For Planning Your Wedding

  How To Best Use Pinterest For Planning Your WeddingPinterest Wedding Board

Pinterest – the internet sensation for crafters, day dreamers, stylists, and will-doers – is a popular and easy tool for generating wedding inspiration boards when you start your wedding planning (and often times before). There may not even be a woman out there that uses Pinterest that doesn’t have a wedding board. With that being said it is easy to get lost in and overwhelmed by the amount of wedding products and ideas that can be accessed and saved onto a pin board. So here are a few tips to help you help yourself and utilize Pinterest to the best of its capabilities:

1) If you are pinning BEFORE you are engaged, then you don’t have to get too technical; just pin what you like. This is the day dreaming board (or the subtle hint to your boyfriend that you made sign up for a Pinterest so you can innocently send him wedding-themed pins).

Pinterest Wedding Board

2) Once you are engaged make a second SECRET wedding board. Why? Because you don’t want everyone watching you put together your wedding online and then show up and see everything you got from Pinterest. The pins in your secret board need to not be random, but are rather what you really want to try and do.

DIY wedding placement card

3) Go through your before engagement board and pick out the ones you actually see yourself doing. Does it match your wedding theme or style? Is it really you? Does it fit the budget? Does it match your wedding season? Will it actually work? Do I have the time to make that DIY flower garland?

4) Follow other user’s wedding boards if you find that you like a lot of what they are pinning. Why do all the searching? Let them bring good ideas to you!

Pinterest Wedding Collectibles

5) Follow wedding professionals! A lot of wedding shops and professionals (like Wedding Collectibles!) have Pinterest accounts. It is only to your benefit to jump on their boards because you will gain access to what professionals are picking AND you will often find wedding professionals will include sale promotions and links to their helpful services on their Pinterest board.