Show your wild side with a funny cake topper

Funny Cake Topper

Show your wild side with a funny cake topper

When your big day rolls around, you’ll want as many things in your celebration to reflect your personality as you can. With a funny cake topper, you can let your guests know just how fun-loving you and your groom are. Are both of you constantly playing Angry Birds on your Smartphone? Get a funny cake topper to reflect your addiction and love of all-things new and shiny.



While many of the elements of your wedding will have to be serious and elegant (your groom may bow his head in shame if you do the MC Hammer shuffle down the aisle), a funny cake topper is a subtle way to remind your guests whose wedding they’re at.


While your mother would turn as red as your bouquet if you grabbed your man’s butt at the altar, she can’t get too mad at your funny cake topper for displaying a little PDA on the highest tier of frosted red velvet.

Though it’s an important milestone in your lives, remember to have fun on your wedding day. Your funny cake topper shouldn’t be the only one smiling!