Money, the New Trend in Wedding Gifts

Money is an always welcomed wedding gifts because it provides the couple with the freedom of buying whatever they want and need. This trend is becoming more popular every day. Why? Maybe because before getting married, couples now prefer to live together for a period of time so they now each other better; therefore, they end up buying a lot of the furniture and other house stuff they would usually ask for as wedding gifts.

If you are interested on asking for money instead of gifts but you are afraid of doing so, continue reading to learn some great ideas and tips to politely get money from your guests!

Wedding Gift Card

The most popular option to ask money as a gift is to use a wedding gift card which will be included with the invitation. The gift card will include a nice phrase and a bank account number so the guests deposit or transfer the money for the newlyweds.

Gift Envelope

Another choice is to include a little envelope inside your wedding invitation. Now, as part of the invitation, make sure to include a funny or poetic phrase to make your guests understand you prefer them to give you cash instead of a gift.

Sample Phrases to Ask for Money

If you are not sure which phrase to use in case you choose any of the above options, let us give you some brainstorming. You may feel free to use these or to edit them and make them sound as you wish:

  • Your presence at or wedding is the most important for us. In case you wish to give us a gift, we will appreciate if you may deposit at our bank account: XXXX.
  • In case you want to give us a gift, you may use the small envelope you will find inside your invitation. There will be a wish box the day of the wedding.
  • We appreciate you giving us a gift. Since we are building our house, a cash gift will be really welcomed. You may use the envelope you will find with this invitation.
  • Would you like to give us a gift? The best give you can give us is our honey moon! Find a small envelope in which you can give us your contribution towards our dream.
  • Your best wishes and your company in our special day are more than enough. However, if you want to give us a gift, we prefer a monetary one to help us build our new house.
  • Fortunately, we have all our household items. If you want to bless us with a present, we will greatly welcome cash gifts.


European Wedding List

Our final suggesting is a new trend in European weddings. You will create a regular wedding lists at your preferred store (first ask them if they have this option). Once your guests choose and pay the gifts, the store will provide you with a gift card for the total amount of money. With that, you may buy whatever you want as long as you use it at the same store.