50s Inspired Wedding Theme

1950s Inspired Wedding

Vintage is still in vogue; however, the tendencies now are to focus on a specific period of time to have a more defined theme.  If your favorite decade are the 50’s and you want to have the perfect 1950s inspired wedding, let’s start with the appearance of you and your husband to be. Lets dive into what dress, accessories, and hairstyles would best fit the 50s theme.

1950s Inspired wedding

Photography: Mona Lisa T

The Bride

To look like a real 1950’s inspired bride, there are some aspects you should take into account:

  • The wedding dress should be short—knee height—and with a lot of volume. It is better if you choose a tight-fitting dress with sweetheart neckline.
  • Choose 50’s accessories such as a very vintage handbag, gloves, pearls and you cannot forget a birdcage veil. Also, you could add a floral hood or a feathered headdress. You will look so 50’s!
  • Since you are wearing a short dress, you must pay special attention to the shoes. Try to find shoes from that decade with high heels such as pumps and with rounded tip, for instance. If you are bold enough, buy shoes in bright colors such as blue, red or fuchsia.
  • Your hairstyle must be simple but elegant. You can choose a half up with the rest of the hair in nice waves or you can wear it tied which will match perfectly with the birdcage veil.
  • The bouquet has to be classic and/or decorated with roses, pearls and even vintage jewelry. You will awe your guests!


1950s inspired wedding

Photography: Joielala Photographie

The Groom

What should a groom wear on his wedding to have a 1950´s look?

Here are some tips for the groom to obtain the 1950s inspired look to match your beautiful 50’s inspired bride.

  • Go for brown, gray and blue shades. Those are the colors that were most used in that decade and the most used in vintage costumes.  If you like, you can even combine colors such as wearing gray pants with a blue jacket. Also, you can choose a light brown suit; it will definitely give you that retro air.
  • Vests are really representative of that decade; therefore, if you have the opportunity to wear one, do not hesitate!
  • Something else that will give you a unique look is a bow tie. It will not only make you look vintage but also handsome.
  • Now, if you are into mastering the look, then wear a plaid shirt combined with a vest and a bow tie. You will look so elegant and retro.
  • If you are more classic, then you could wear a tuxedo but instead of wearing a regular tie, use a bow tie that combines the suit.
  • If you are not into bow ties, then choose a dark and tight suit with an also dark and narrow tie.
  • And if you want to look really classic, then choose a frock coat with a crossed vest. This will make you look like a high class 50’s groom.
  • If you want to add accessories, the most convenient ones are suspenders, a hat, laced shoes and of course, a boutonniere.

A 1950s inspired wedding is easier than it seems! We hope these tips help you achieve a unique, vintage look for your big day.