Real Wedding in California with Becky and Charlie (Part One)

Sport Engagement Photo

Becky and Charlie are a romance that didn’t plan on happening. They were best friends that often insisted that they were “just friends”. Eventually, and happily, that friendship grew into something more as Becky says they decided to “explore the unthinkable; dating”. Moving from friendship to romance can be pretty tricky, but that is where knowing each other so well comes in handy.


Their first kiss is just one of many examples of why being so in sync makes all the difference.

The First Kiss

Wedding Photography

“Going into the night, I had no intention to kiss him. We weren’t even on a “date.” But as we were watching “The Guardian” together at my house, it became apparent he wanted to kiss me. I decided to make it easier on him and make it known I was okay with him kissing me. He says I made the first move when I touched his ear, but I knew we’d start aging if I waited for him to do anything. He went in for the first kiss for sure….but don’t ask him about it ;)”


The Proposal

Sports Engagement Shoot

While being in love was not in their original plans together, Charlie certainly had big plans to make Becky his wife. After a few things fell through and Charlie could not wait another day, he made reservations at Cecada in LA to set the mood. At the end of the romantic meal, they ordered dessert. Becky had asked for a small chocolate cake, but was instead presented with a large platter with an assortment of deserts and a chocolate heart swirled on the plate. Charlie, nervous and slightly mischievous, let Becky sample some of the desserts until she discovered a little white box hidden in the mix.

“I was so excited when I saw it and he was equally as nervous. He got on one knee and I couldn’t tell you what he said, but I do know I said “yes!”

Their Engagement Photo Shoot

Because they both love sports (can you tell?) and are playful in nature, they decided to have a two part engagement shoot; one being more  traditional and the second…with a little bit of spunk and a slam dunk.


Their photographer for their engagements and wedding photos was Double Take Photography.

1173874_10151802625442346_477157325_n 1012403_10151700661947346_1505466162_n We love this shot featuring Becky’s engagement ring! Rose gold with a halo and a princess cut!543910_10151802625447346_419263176_n

Their relationship is a perfect example of how wonderful it is to find someone whom you can be yourself with.

576546_10151802624607346_489934792_n Be sure to check in next week to see their bright Tongan inspired wedding!