Can We Change the Cake Topper Figurine Hair Color?

Can We Change the Cake Topper Figurine Hair Color?

Hair Color on Cake Topper

We receive this question a lot from brides who feel they have found the perfect cake topper, but they want the bride figurine’s hair to match their red hair instead of the product’s blonde. As you go through our products you will notice that a lot will have photos of the different hair color choices for the bride and groom. These, of course, we can paint the hair color.

If there isn’t the color option indicated, or you want something changed other than the hair, here is a key indicator of what can be painted and what can’t.

Is it shiny?

This may seem like a funny thing, but if the hair or area you want painted on the product is shiny this means we won’t be able to make any color changes. The shininess is a finish on the product that makes it impossible to paint over.

Porcelain Surfer Cake Topper

 This surfer cake topper is a prime example of what constitutes shiny, and no, we can’t paint over the hair color.

Some cake toppers will have areas that are glossed over and then other areas that are not. This happens a lot with the products that we are able to change the hair color on because the hair and other areas such as the skin will be matte, while the wedding dress will be fully finished with the glossy or shiny texture.

Antique Cake TopperIf you take a close look at this vintage style wedding cake topper, you will notice the glossy finish on the wedding dress and on the groom’s tux, but then the hair color is a matte.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask either by posting in the comments below, in the chat box, or calling us.