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A bridal necklace gives the finishing touch to any bride's outfit. Choose from gold, pearl and rhinestone necklaces that have been uniquely designed. There are beautiful butterfly jewelry sets, rose colored freshwater pearl necklaces, personalized heart shape necklaces and charm necklaces to buy. Whichever bridal necklace you opt for, you're sure to stand out.


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Butterfly Jewelry Set - Black Butterfly Jewelry Set - Silver Dove Wedding Ring Dish Engraved Beveled Glass Jewelry Box Engraved Silver Heart Keepsake Box Heart Shaped Crystal Wedding Lazo - Lasso
SKU: JL105 S
SKU: 31151
SKU: 1881
SKU: 1882
SKU: lazo_hear...
Heart W/Key Toe Ring Palm Tree Toe Ring Pearl Drop Necklace & Earrings Rhinestone Band Necklace and Earring Set Rhinestone Flower Necklace & Earrings Something Blue Toe Ring
SKU: JL400 3
SKU: JL400 1
SKU: JL100 10
SKU: JL100 29
SKU: JL100 12
SKU: JL400 2
Wedding Lasso Rope - Traditional Lazo Cord... Wedding Lasso Rope - Traditional Lazo Cord...