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Because no wedding is complete without the perfect cake topper

Whether you are searching for the perfect wedding cake topper or table centerpieces for your reception, Wedding Collectibles has everything you are looking for and everything you can imagine. Sports lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, music lovers, romantics, and the young at heart will find the perfect toppers to accent any reception decor or any beautifully decorated wedding cake.

Careful attention is paid to every last detail. Whether you want the figurine's hair to match the bride's actual hair color or you want to find a quote from the couple's favorite romantic movie, Wedding Collectibles is bound to have everything you are looking for and more. Once the cake has been served, and the happy couple is off on their honeymoon, the wedding cake topper can make the perfect table centerpiece. Movie or music quotes can be affixed to the wedding album page or any wall in the couple's home to create lasting memories.

Cake toppers do not have to be limited to figurines or quotes. How about a bunch of sparklers sitting in the top of the cake? Wedding Collectibles has a wide variety of wedding and heart shaped sparklers.

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary? Choose a wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles and create a lasting memory.


"Be my Baahby Forever" Wedding Cake Topper "Beach Get Away" Wedding Cake Topper "Funny Sexy" African American Wedding Brid... "Funny Sexy" Wedding Bride and Groom Cake ... "I'll Look Out For You" Owl Wedding Cake T... "I'll Love U 4 EVER" Car Wedding Cake Topper
SKU: 102720
SKU: 707543
SKU: 706504
SKU: 706505
SKU: 102721
SKU: 707548
"Over the Threshold" Wedding Bride and Gro... "Romance" Gay Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper "Romance" Gay Wedding Cake Topper "Romance" Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topper "Romance" Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topp... "Sand and Shells " Wedding Cake Topper
SKU: 706506
SKU: 707555
SKU: 707556
SKU: 103569
SKU: 707569
SKU: 707543S
$21.95 ($32.95)
"Summer Lovin" Surfer Beach Cake Topper "Super Sexy Spy" Bride and Groom Cake Topp... "Taking a Gamble" Interracial Las Vegas We... "Taking a Gamble" Las Vegas DIY Wedding Ca... "Tie(ing) the Knot" Rose Pearl Wedding Cak... "Wedding Bliss" African American Wedding C...
SKU: 707549
SKU: 706507
SKU: 100220/1
SKU: 15200
SKU: 101146
SKU: 707566
"Wedding Bliss" Cake Topper Figurine 15th Birthday Quinceanera Sparklers 25th Anniversary Cake Topper 25th Anniversary Heart Cake Topper 25th Anniversary Wedding Bell Abstract Lovers Cast Bronze Sculpture Cake...
SKU: 707564
SKU: 3712-15
SKU: 100525
SKU: 707539
SKU: 706512
SKU: ZD6352
Adorable "Leg Pop" Pearl Accent Cake Topper Adorable "Leg Pop" Ribbon Accent Cake Topp... Adorable "Leg Pop" Wedding Bride and Groom... African American Groom Holding Bride Tradi... African American Groom Holding Caucasian B... African American Pearl Elegance Arch Bride...
SKU: 102054
SKU: 104954
SKU: 707554
SKU: 707528
SKU: 707562
SKU: 101812
$21.95 ($27.95)
African American Sweet Flower and Crystal ... Air Force Wedding Cake Topper - Caucasian ... Army Military Porcelain DIY Cake Topper Base Army Wedding Cake Topper - Caucasian Bride... Ballroom Beauty Paper Bride Doll Mix and M... Ballroom Beauty Paper Doll Mix and Match B...
SKU: 101212
SKU: 702232/70...
SKU: 15088
SKU: 702231/70...
SKU: 19100
SKU: 19100/101
Batman & Robin Cake Topper Figurine Beach Get Away Shell Accents Wedding Cake ... Beach Get Away Shell Wedding Cake Topper Beach Themed Porcelain Monogram Cake Topper Beach Wedding Acrylic Round Starfish Cake ... Beach Wedding Acrylic Square Starfish Cake...
SKU: 25513-2
SKU: 108243
SKU: 109243
SKU: 16400A-B
SKU: 13101
SKU: 13081
Bed of Roses Groom Holding the Bride Weddi... Black Lace and Rhinestones DIY Cake Topper... Black Lace Day of the Dead Sexy Skulls Wed... Black Tie Groom Paper Doll Mix and Match Blended Family Cake Topper Block Monogram Acrylic Square Cake Topper
SKU: 101829
SKU: 15401
SKU: 104014
SKU: 19101
SKU: 1305B
SKU: 1304-12
Bohemian Bride Paper Doll Mix and Match Butterfly Bouquet Picks / Cake Picks (Set ... Calla Lily Arch Cake Topper Calla Lily Arch DIY Cake Topper Base Calla Lily DIY Cake Topper Base Casual Lifelong Friends Wedding Bride and ...
SKU: 19300
SKU: butterfly...
SKU: 104923C
SKU: 15049C
SKU: 15066
SKU: 18465
Casual Paper Groom Doll Mix and Match Cat Figurine Caucasian Groom Holding African American B... Celtic Knot Irish DIY Cake Topper Base Chic Interracial Wedding Cake Topper - Cau... Chic Paper Bride Doll Mix and Match
SKU: 19301
SKU: 9701
SKU: 707573
SKU: 15013
SKU: 702220/70...
SKU: 19200
Child Couple Side Arch Wedding Cake Topper Cinderella Castle Cake Topper Cinderella Castle Cake Topper with Arch Contemprary Bride and Groom Vintage Glitte... Couple Heart Bronze Sculpture Cakeside Fig... Cowboy Hat Western Wedding Cake Topper
SKU: 100945
SKU: 100073
SKU: 100673
SKU: 101720/1
SKU: ZD5344
SKU: 100215
Crafters Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topp... Crystal Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppe... Crystal Cinderella Castle Cake Topper with... Crystal Florette Accented Porcelain Monogr... Crystal Romance DIY Cake Topper Base Crystal Romance Gay Wedding Cake Topper
SKU: 1037581
SKU: 41249581
SKU: 1006731
SKU: 16400A-G
SKU: 152009
SKU: 100956