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Custom Figurine Cake Topper with Dancing Bride and Groom

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Price $850.00
Height 5.5" figurines

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Usual processing period of 2 weeks, plus actual shipping time.
Turn Your Photo into Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted Figurine made to Look Like YOU !! Using your photo as references, Professional sculptors and artists can create custom figurines made to look like you and your loved one!
Wedding cake topper features the bride and groom in a stylized dancing pose. The groom wears a black tux, and the bride's gown features a sleek silhouette, a sweetheart strapless neckline, and a gold brooch.
Materials: Polymer Clay
*Please allow up to 2-3 months for this item to ship.*
 Once you place your order we will contact you for photos for the custom cake topper sculpture. PLEASE SEE PHOTO REQUIREMENTS UNDER DETAILED IMAGES.
Due to the fact that this is a personalized item and made to custom specifications, All Sales and Orders are FINAL, NO REFUNDS, NO CANCELLATIONS, NO RETURNS OR NO EXCHANGES will be made for any reason.
Customers who order our handcrafted personalized Sculpture must notify WeddingCollectibles.com no later than 24 hour upon receiving your order if the item is damaged. If 24 hours expires WeddingCollectibles does not hold responsibility of damaged item.

See skin, hair, and eye color options under detailed images.

This product can be used as a: Cake Topper, and a Figurine