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Personalized From a Friend to the Bride Wedding Handkerchief

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A lovely and delicate wedding handkerchief, elegantly presented in a gift box, along with a printed verse written especially for the bride from a friend. Declare your true sentiments with this loving and thoughtful gift your loved one will cherish always. The poem card reads: To My Dear Friend, The Bride Because you are my dearest friend It's time for me to say, May all your dreams come true upon Your joyfull wedding day. This hankie comes with special thoughts, A gift from me to you. A keepsake you can carry on The day you say, "I do." I'm offering best wishes for The new life you will start, And know that they are coming from the bottom of my heart. For we have shared a special bond Together faithfully, And though you'll start a married life, My friend you'll always be.