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Hemergency Survival Kit

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No reason to be unkempt on-the-go with the Hemergency Survival Kit. This sleek, black dopp bag contains 20 must-haves for busy guys. From clothing stains to static cling, the Hemergency Survival Kit takes the guesswork out of men's personal care. Smaller than a football, this ultra-compact collection can go anywhere he does—from home to the office and everywhere in between.

Contents included in this survival bag: 1 pair of Tweezers, 2 safety pins, 1 nail file, 1 sewing kit, 1 razor, 1 travel-size Kleenex, 1 pair of black socks, 5 q-tips, 2 Band-Aids, 2 blister pads and blotting papers. Survival bag measures 5.25" x 3".

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