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Light up your reception with the perfect sparklers!

Your reception should radiate as much as you are!

Most people associate sparklers with Fourth of July celebrations. Imagine the element of surprise and illumination wedding sparklers would add to your wedding reception. Perfect for any outdoor reception or party, wedding sparklers from Wedding Collectibles light up the night as the happy couple begins to cut their wedding cake or makes their way to the honeymoon getaway car.

Wedding sparklers come in different shapes and sizes, including wedding rings, stars, numbers, and heart-shaped sparklers. For the premium party experience, wedding and heart sparklers come in bundles. Regular wedding sparkler bundles include both the 17 inch and 36 inch sizes. The heart sparkler bundles feature heart sparklers and 9 inch and 17 inch sparklers. Regardless of which bundle you choose, you can be sure your wedding reception will light up the night with joy and happiness.

You do not have to be getting married in the spring or summer to enjoy wedding sparklers from Wedding Collectibles. Whether you choose wedding sparklers, heart sparklers, or both add the element of surprise and illumination to your wedding reception or party. If your reception happen to be indoors, be sure to check with the venue's management and planners to see if there are any specific requirements or regulations to keep your party within the local fire codes.


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