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Extend the celebration to your cake!

Celebrate your party in style with Quincenera and sweet 16 cake toppers!

Every girl dreams of having the perfect birthday party, especially the ones celebrating sweet sixteen. Believe it or not, party supplies can make or break the success of a sweet sixteen or quinceañera party. The cake topper is definitely the icing on the cake, and sweet sixteen cakes are no different. Whether you are looking for elegant rhinestone toppers or porcelain toppers, Wedding Collectibles has the party supplies that will make any 16 year old girl smile.

A simple sweet 16 cake topper can be the perfect ending for a gorgeously hand-crafted birthday cake. Whether it is big block letters or just a simple 16, Wedding Collectibles has the perfect topper for your sweet sixteen cake. Perhaps you are looking for a carefully hand-crafted Fairy Tales Dreams Castle topper or a crystal tiara topper that lights up. Regardless of which one you choose, your quinceanera celebration will be perfect.

Go ahead, choose her favorite cake, icing, and fondant flavors, but be sure you also pick the most elegant and beautiful cake toppers from Wedding Collectibles. The perfect cake makes the perfect sweet sixteen or quinceañera celebration. Help a young woman create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime in her heart.


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