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Sparklers FAQ

What is your most popular sparkler?

Most brides order the 36 inch sparkler. It is the longest "sparkling" sparkler on the market. Its 5 minute "sparkle" allows enough time for your guests to line up and light their sparklers as you and your lucky groom leave for your reception or honeymoon.

What size sparkler do you recommend?

You have the most flexibility with the 36 and 28 inch sparklers. They give you plenty of time to get all of the sparklers lit, arrange your guests and photographer, and run out amid a sea of sparklers. If your wedding is around 100 people, you can easily use the 18 inch sparklers. Many people love the little ones (the 12 inch sparklers) - I simply think it takes more time to tie 4-5 together, but they look adorable when you do!

How do I light the sparklers?

The 28 and 36 inch sparklers are quite tough to light with a match, lighter or candle flame. They do light instantly with another sparkler. The 28 and 36 inch sparklers will light off any lit sparkler, regardless of the size. (Getting the sparklers lit is a great task for the groomsmen.)

Is it OK to ship sparklers?

Sparklers are classified as novelties by the federal government and are not defined as consumer fireworks. Under this classification sparklers can legally be shipped via ground methods. If you are concerned about the legality of sparklers in your area, please check with your facility and your fire marshal's office before making a purchase.

Are sparklers safe?

If used with good discretion, sparklers are perfectly safe. The following warning is included in every box: "Caution, Flammable. Use only under close adult supervision. For outdoor use only. Do not touch glowing wire. Hold in hand with arm extended from body. Keep burning end or sparks away from wearing apparel or other flammable material. Hold and light only one sparkler at a time. After use, place in water."

Will sparklers burn my dress?

Again, like I mentioned above, if sparklers are used with good discretion, you should not have a single worry. Make sure, if you are using sparklers for your wedding departure, that you have your guests lined up far enough away from each other to create a wide row (so that you are NOT running underneath the sparklers). This will eliminate any possibility of sparklers coming in contact with the wedding dress. Please read the safety instructions included in the box.

What is the safest way to use the sparklers?

Line your guests up into 2 rows and have the bride and groom run through the rows. Make sure the bride and groom are not running under a "tunnel" of sparklers.

Are sparklers safe to use indoors?

No, sparklers are for outdoor use only.

What color are the sparklers?

The sparklers are physically silver in color and they burn the color of a candle flame. On the box, they will say the color is gold but again, they burn the color of a candle flame.

Do you sell in any smaller quantities than those listed online?

We only sell sparklers in pre-packaged boxes. The good news is that they stay good for many years, so you can always save extras for the 4th of July.