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Top 10 Stupidest Wedding Cake Toppers

#10: There's nothing like having a severed deer head to top your wedding cake! Complete with green guts and a lovely deer hoof prop (and that one's real!)…

deer cake topper

#9: The liberated bride has been transformed into a haloed transvestite, and is running off with her screaming prey…

liberated bride cake topper

#8: I would like to know how turning your wedding cake into a full out war zone, complete with machine guns, bombs, dead bodies, and a 9/11 reminiscent plane crash spells out wedding day bliss. Someone please explain!

James Bond cake topper

#7: Bones + Tongue = Total Sexiness- Enough said.

skeleton cake topper

#6: I know some people are really into their favorite teams (Baltimore Ravens football in this case), and that's cool, but having a taxidermist's DIY project on your wedding cake, that's not so cool.

ravens cake topper

#5: Glare of the Snow Queen- “Look into my eyes and submit yourself to human sacrifice” -This one's kinda eerie…

snow queen cake topper

#4: What great touch the goatee makes- so much elegance and class! Adding a few beer cans would have totally made this cake topper, but I guess that would make for drunk driving…. I love it when tackiness tries to be sophisticated.

four wheeller cake topper

#3: This is just so wrong/creepy! I can handle butterflies, dragonflies, lady bugs…but anything remotely resembling a slug does not belong on a wedding cake!!

caterpillars cake topper

#2: I have to admit, the purple lights are drawing me in…maybe that's how it works. Next Halloween party I have, I'm for sure gonna get me one of these.

bats cake topper

and #1: Nothing's so honest as, “Honey, lets put your new boobs on the cake!!” You just know they're gonna get down on the zebra bed…Makes for a great groom's cake though, hmmm…

boobs cake topper